Monday, 27 March 2017

Laura's Requests #2 Bonus! (from anonymous)

This was actually my very first idea for the request to do a either a pool or beach bikini shoot, Why? Because it’s a pool at the beach! That’s a combo multiplier bonus right there for combining both ideas.

The problem is, when I looked back at all the pictures after the shoot, I was horrified by how pale I am in all of them. I mean, I know I’m pale but in all of these I look like a corpse! (Must have been all the factor 50 sun lotion I had been liberally applying to stop my going bright pink)

So I had a re-think, got some fake tan and then tried out some of the other ideas that I’d considered.
But then I had the a dilemma cos there are a few shots in this set that I was super stoked about and I really didn’t want them to go to waste. Solution? Bonus photoset!

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