Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Buy me a drink?

If you've ever wanted to buy me a coffee, now you can! Well, kind of. I'll explain...

I've created my very own Throne wishlist which lets my fans send me things from my Amazon wishlist.

And what is top of my Amazon wishlist?

A bag of my most favouritest coffee beans in the whole wide world. Mmmm, I love a delicious mug of Brown Bear Real Coloumbia. Just what I need to get going every morning! And one of these small bags should easily keep me going for a whole week. Way better than juts buying someone a single cup of coffee, for sure.

There are also a few other yummy treats on the list (cos I need all of the orange chocolate) as well as a few sexy essentials for keeping my buzz shows going. You could argue that the yummy treats are also essentials because who doesn't sometimes need some choc to keep them going?

I really don't expect anyone to treat me but you never know! The things on this wishlist are certainly a lot more affordable than what is on my Lovense wishlist which I think will remain untouched forever because they are pretty lavish. But that's fine because I don't expect people to spend money on me. It's just nice to know there are options out there if they decide they do.

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Hey, it's me!

Look ma, I'm on TV! Well, not quite TV, but I did manage to photobomb my way into a Chaturbate camgirl's live stream!

Once I realised, I obviously hung around to see what shenanigans she got up to. And, what I mean by hung around, is that I shameless stalked her as she wandered from party to party in a quest for easy cock to suck and fuck. 

Obviously, I only did it so I could report back to you! So you can be aware of these sort of things and the dangers they may pose to your covert naughtiness... or something...

For those of us that have been around for a while, you may remember the exploits of KittyQuinn. If not, the long and short of it was that she was one of Plexstorm's poster camgirls when they launched and, amid a heavy promo campaign, she joined our little community for a few days, What followed was a massive mob of peeps following her around, looking for their 5 minutes of fame, as they invaded room after room.

Of course, her interest obviously waned quickly when her streams didn't seem to bring in that much money in tip earnings. Probably because Plexstorm was never going to be able to compete with the established giants like Chaturbate and Streamate. In fact, if you going looking for it, you'll probably come to the conclusion that it no longer exists. As far as I can tell, they disappeared late last year and all that remains is an abandoned Twitter account

Anyway, back on topic... This camgirl seemed to have a good time fucking and sucking anyone who would accept her cold invites. There was no publicity behind this so I would wager that most of her conquests had no idea that were being broadcast across the interwebs. Thankfully, she didn't seem to be interested in talking with anyone she fucked so no potentially sensitive or embarrassing conversations were put out there for all her viewers to see (over 2000 of them at one point!).

It seems like her money making angle is that stream viewers can tip for to perform both virtual and real acts, sometimes at the same time. I'm definitely interested to follow her progress to see if this is sustainable for her or not. The cynic in me says it will just be a fad and she will be back to her proverbial day job soon of getting facefucked by her boyfriend on her cam streams. I suspect that she will earn far more from tips doing that because she seems to be able to deepthroat like an absolute champ!

Also, I give her props for the commitment to the number of outfit changes that she managed to get through.

I did wonder for one second if we might get another KittyQuinn style mob as I don't think I was alone in working out that she was streaming her sexploits. At one point a group of bystanders did start to develop around her, most of them giving her polite applause as she took it in both holes from a pair of guys. Maybe they got bored though, because most of the soon dispersed

If you fancy trying to track her down for a livestreamed fuck, keep an eye out for DaphneBlake. Conversely, if you absolutely do not want yourself streamed for hundreds or even thousands to see, avoid DaphneBlake. I'll leave it up to you to decide which camp you want to fall into.

Friday, 21 January 2022

The joy of insta-cum

You'll have to pardon the pun, but I was totally bummed when I found that my Hush buttplug had died today.

There I was, getting ready to open my Buzz Me room (yes, for the 2nd time this week!) and, not only would my Hush not turn on, but when I tried to charge it, the charging light would not come on. So no, I had not just drained the battery by leaving it turned on last time I used it.

Fortunately, I had my Domi full charged and ready to go so my trusty wand was able to step in to save the day. Normally I would only choose to use my hands free toys for a buzzing session but today seemed like a good time to make an exception to that rule.

I got a pretty decent turn out when I opened up with plenty of peeps dropping by. Quite a few of my guests were up for having a go at controlling my, although a few didn't bother to hang around for their turn, even after rolling to earn some control time. And, one guest in particular, was very pushy, constantly trying to get more rolls than he had paid for and some physical one on one action. Grrrrrrrr. He seemed happy to fuck another one of my guests instead though.

In the end I had a 90 minute window of free time to play and my Domi was buzzing for 40 mins of that, so I was pretty happy with that. Sometimes there can be a lot more downtime between sessions whilst waiting for people to get their shit together and start buzzing me or waiting for guests to actually drop by. 

I also managed to remember to do some room goals this time. We comfortably hit the first goal for my dressing coming off and then, not to long later, also breezed passed the goal for my bra coming off. Good times for my guests then.

Good times for me too as I managed to cum twice. Both of the orgasms were very different but equally enjoyable.

The first literally came out of nowhere. The early control sessions had been pretty intense so I was already very fucking wet. I then had an extended run of being edged by one guest but, as soon as he spiked the power back up towards the end of his time, he inflicted an insta-cum on me. I was completely unprepared for it and it felt amazing.

The second orgasm came right as I wanted to close up. I felt so close to cumming and begged the last guest to give me everything. This one certainly did not catch me by surprise. In fact, I tried my best to help myself get there. Boy, was I humping the shit out of the head of the Domi. I worked hard to get there but it was a huge orgasm when I did! Well worth the effort I put in.

After that orgasm, I was genuinely struggling to function at all while I tried to recover. But it was closing time, so I quickly said my thank yous, closed up and hurried off for a cold shower.

Thursday, 20 January 2022

End of a sugary era

And so we have reached the end of the line for Virtual Sugar as event organisers.

Coming full circle, my first experience of a Virtual Sugar event was at the grand opening of the Climax Club and so it is fitting that the Climax Club is where they have said their farewell.

Thinking back to that first Climax Club opening, it was there that I made a Night Out with Laura video that brought me to the attention of the Virtual Sugar staff. From there, I got invited to contribute a movie to each of the Virtual Sugar Porn Cinema screenings. Later, I had the opportunity to have several of my articles included in Virtual Sugar's Sugarmag publication.

A pretty fruitful association for me, for sure. and I'll be sad if we don't get any more issues of Sugarmag. It is head and shoulders above any other magazine produced by the community and I'm not saying that because I featured in it. Quite the opposite actually. I accepted the chance to feature in it because I thought it was so good. Of course, Sugarmag is not an event so if I take their words at face value, that gives me hope that we haven't seen the last of it.

So long and thanks for all the boobs

Welp, in case you have missed it, Virtual Sugar are retiring from the events organising business so last night was the very last Strip N Rock, at least under the Virtual Sugar.

I have spent many a Wednesday evening chilling there. Usually throwing dollar bills at Jess as she gets naked or comparing notes on the last orange chocolate that we've found and sampled. It was also the place where I managed to recruit more than one performer to app in my Try Not To Cum Challenge video.

Anyway, I do hope it is not the last we see of the place.

I sense that that is a sentiment shared by many but, possibly fuelled by the fear of it genuinely being their last opportunity to strut on the famous stage, the place was jam packed with sexy ladies eager to tease and titillate whilst gradually losing their clothes. Obviously, I got some pics of them just in case you couldn't make it along to see them in person.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Could they make me cum twice?

Finding myself at a loose end last night with no-one around to keep my occupied, I decided to have a very hasty opening of my Buzz Me room. I just kept it low-key and didn't advertise on social media at all. I did set myself a personal challenge of trying to cum twice in the hour that I decided I would stay open for. Maybe a little ambitious with promoting it at all.

Understandably, I only had a few visitors but they were actually all super into buzzing me. Not only did they make use of there one free buzz that ever guest is entitled to, but several of them also purchased as many extra buzzes as I would allow. In most cases, they combined all of the time the rolled in a single, extra long buzzing session.

It's also worth mentioning that this was the first time that I had given control of my Dolce over to any guests. I may have underestimated just how powerful it is because, between it's immense power, the long sessions of non-stop buzzing and the intense way my guests were buzzing me, it did not take long for me to cum.

Well on track to hit my cum target, the intense buzzes continued and I was soon having to replace my drenched towel with a dry one!

But, sadly for me, I did not quite get to cum for a second time. My final controller of the evening decided he wanted to be soft and delicate with me. Don't get me wrong, it still felt wonderful, but it wasn't going to push me over the edge that I was so close to. Despite my encouragement to crank up the power a bit, he was very happy to keep doing what he was doing.

I'm pretty sure one more session would have got me off, even it it was just medium intensity buzzes, but, as the hour approached, I ran out of guests willing to play with me and had to close up while admitting defeat in my personal challenge.

It was still a very enjoyable hour though and my Dolce performed admirably well. By the time I closed up, the battery indicator had just turned red. That may give you some sort of idea of how much high intensity buzzing I was on the receiving end of. Good times...

And, not for the first time, I got so caught up in being pleasured, that I completely forgot to promote and follow through on my room goals for taking of my top and bra. I really do need to do better at remembering to reward my guests for their patronage with some boobies! Sometimes they just don't need that sort of encouragement though...

Monday, 17 January 2022

Blue Monday

Although scientists say it is based on farcical pseudo-science, some bright spark from the UK claims that he has invented an equation that takes into account such facts as the weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since New Year’s resolutions have been broken and low motivational levels to prove that today is the most depressing day of the year, aka Blue Monday.

In simple terms, Blue Monday is generally the third Monday in January, although it has occasionally fallen on either the 3nd or 4th.

Much like the sceptical scientists, I too believe there is little scientific merit to the equation as it fails to make any mathematic sense. It should also be pointed out that the equation was created as part of a promotional campaign by a travel channel so make of that what you will.

That said, I do feel that if we take a holistic view at the year, it does kind of feel right if would fall around now. We have short amounts of daylight with miserable weather. People are paying off debts from over indulging at Christmas. It feels like forever until the happy days of Summer or next Christmas.

It should be pointed out that the factors involved do mean that this is only applicable in the Northern Hemisphere. You Southern Hemispherers out there (I don't know if that is a word but, if not, I've just made it one!) will presumably be able to look forward to it at some other time of year but I have no idea when that will be. I presume it would be a bit too simplistic to say it shifts 6 months because that would bring it much closer to next Christmas, thus raising happiness! Maybe you get your very own equation instead?

To provide some happiness to balance out the woe, the same equation also states that the happiest day of the year will fall sometime close to Midsummer, so around to June 21-24. Again, Northern Hemisphere we're talking about here. I have no idea about the Southern Hemisphere. If anyone knows, do let me know!

The big question that remains is what can I do to help tackle the miserable nature of the day?

The only thing I can think of in this moment is to share a fun little guessing game from SexxxyJessica's Twitter timeline today. After all, who doesn't enjoy games? And everyone loves looking at a little bit of boobs and bush, right? That's what Jess told me today, anyway!

Sunday, 16 January 2022