Wednesday, 22 September 2021

A bust of a buzz session

A short 90 minute opening of Buzz Me this afternoon for guests to play with my Lush 3. Truth be told, I'd only planned to open for an hour but, for some reason that I just cannot fathom, guests who want to buzz me always seem to wait until I'm getting ready to close up and then I get stampede of dice rolls that force me to stay open longer than expected.

I mean, I don't mind. Well, as long as I get to cum in the end. And I did today. Although I was made to work for it by someone who seemed more interesting in edging me along instead of listening to my pleas to finish me off with some good, hard buzzing on my G spot. Got there in the end though.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to unlock any of my goals though. You see, today I planned to try something new out. When the total number of minutes rolled by guests hit certain values, that would trigger me doing something or giving guests access to more toys to play with. I'm not going to give away any more than that as I suppose I'll try again another time. Hopefully when I have a few more guests in.

Yup, apart from eventually getting to cum, today was a bit of a bust. It took me 10 minutes to get any guests to come in and join me. The first guest was up for some buzzing and got me off to a decent start with 4 minutes of pretty nice buzzing.

But after that I had to wait. And wait. And wait.

A few guests seemed interested in playing my game. They said they were up for it. When it came time to roll my dice though, they all just left me in the lurch. A bunch of time wasters. I got so desperate for some pleasure that I ended up dropping a random control link on Twitter for some one to keep me going. It only took a few seconds for that to get clicked.

And as the clock ticked down to the last minute of my opening hour, I finally got a visitor who wanted to play with me. Then, before he had finished his 2 minutes of buzzing me another guest who went on to purchase an extra two rolls after he had had the free roll that I give every guest. 

While I had the newer guest buzzing away, the previous buzzer got as close to me as a I would allow and furiously beat off his throbbing cock while watching my fingers play with my dripping wet pussy. I love it when guys pleasure themselves while watching me. It's such a massive turn on!

I was well on the way to cumming by this point, so when Max turned up I figured he would roll freakishly high again and get enough time to finish me off. His 4 minutes got me close but it wasn't quite enough.

My big spending guest then leapt in with another roll that I was sure would finish me off. It didn't... He just edged me along, cruelly denying me the orgasm that I was begging for. And yes, I was literally begging him to buzz me hard and finish me off.

One last buzz session was enough to finally get me there. He really didn't want to give it to me but I would be denied no longer and gave myself a helping hand, or rather finger, to get myself across the line. I then promptly closed up so I could go and get cleaned up.

Friday, 17 September 2021

Say no to imitations

You should all known by now how much I love me a good masturbation party, especially those hosted by BromineX, so when I heard about a popular event going on that was described as a masturbate and fuck party, you can be damn sure that I was going to check it out. I was not expecting what I found though...

I suppose this is going to be me revisited a recent topic of knock-off venues or events that try to capitalise on the popularity of pre-existing brands that established a good name for themselves. Why do I say this? Well, just look at the pictures and you'll see for yourself. Now, I have no idea if this identical venue has any association with BromineX's original but my guess is that it does not.

But make no mistake, it is identical apart from the initial displayed at either end of the room. Gone is the 'M' for masturbation and in its place we see an S, which just so happens to be the initial of the host's name. To me, this seals that it is a lazy host stealing someone else's hard work and then putting their own name on it. Very disappointing...

Even more disappointing is that so many guests were lapping it up. I mean, the Masturbation Party that I know and love could only dream of having this many guests in attendance. There is, of course, the saying about quality over quantity though. And one of the things I like about the Masturbation Party is that the guests are generally far more polite and good mannered than you would tend to find at other similar sort of events. But that doesn't make it any less disappointing to see a cheap imitation getting so much more attendance than the OG. It's amazing what the addition of the word "fuck" to the party name can do to attract more guests.

I suppose it is what it is and there is not much that can be done about it.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Published at last

Just in case you've somehow managed to miss it on social media, the September issue of SUPERMAG dropped yesterday.

Why am I pointing this out? It's a fair question given that I've done done this before. And the answer is very simple indeed really. It's because I'm in it! Not just once but twice! A double whammy for my publication debut no less.

First of all, if you flick to page 26 you can find a reprint of my Lush 3 review that I posted a while back. Most of you will have seen that already, I'm sure, but it's there for anyone who hasn't found their way here before or doesn't follow me on social media. And if you would like to see more of my Lovense reviews appearing in future issues of SUPERMAG be sure to swing by the Virtual Sugar Discord server and let them know in the relevant SUPERMAG channels.

And if you then go to page 44, you can check out my appearance as the lead character in Max Norman's stunning new comic which explores metaphysical themes about who we really are and our role within existence. Heavy stuff that is beautifully delivered by the community's leading comic maker.

So what are you waiting for? Go give it a download and have a read. There's some good stuff in there, I promise you!

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Pegging sexcapades

Following the very arousing events on-stage at the Gay Porn Cinema, I excused myself for a quick trip to the restroom. While I was freshening up, I very much got the sense that the guy who was in there at the same time was eying me up. He said nothing though, until just as he was leaving to return to the auditorium he dropped a quick "hi" on his way out. Suspicions confirmed!

Soon enough, I took returned to the auditorium, which had emptied out by now. All of the guests and performers had gone except for this one guy who was bent over on the stage in a submissive pose waiting for someone to use his ass for their own gratification.

Between the absence of any guys to satisfy that need for him and my own continued arousal, I cautiously approached the stage and enquired whether he enjoyed being pegged and whether that was something I could help him with. His eyes lit up as if all of his Christmas' had come at once. He was keen. He was very keen. It has been far too long since I pegged everyone so this was very exciting for me as well.

I joined him on-stage where he kneeled before. I've never been into the whole dominant and submissive thing but it seemed like he was into it so I figured I would play along if it was what he wanted. As it turned out, it really was!

My shorts button was popped, the zip lowered and my shorts dropped to the ground. My pussy was mere inches from his face as he got him to help me slip into a strap-on that had been left out for guests. His eyes were full of desire as he gazed on my fake plastic cock and my tight pussy poking out below it.

"Would you like to suck it?", I asked.

No second invitation was required as he wrapped his lips around it and started bobbing his head back and forth. I encouraged him to take the whole length of it; my hand on the back of his head gently pushing it down.

I pulled my hoodie up over my head and, as he admired my body, I instructed him to swallow my fake cock until his face was pressed against my tummy, He did so without question or hesitation. I was impressed and asked him to do it once more but this time to hold it for as long as he could. My fake cock disappeared down his throat again and then he held it there. 

And he held it some more. He didn't move at all. I could see him desperately fighting back a gag as long as he possibly could before he could contain it no more. Saliva and phlegm erupted from his mouth as he had to come up for air.

He had done well so I allowed him to to a breather. I pushed him back onto the floor and crawled between his legs. Spreading them wide, I drooled onto my fingers before lightly running them around his butthole. He liked that a lot so I continued teasing him with my fingers. Simultaneously, I began teasing his balls. As I licked and sucked on them, I allowed plenty of my drool to run down to where my fingers were still applying ever so light pressure against his butthole.

Scooching down nice and low, my fingers moved away and my tongue took their place. It circled his butthole before I started to probe deeper in. Applying more pressure, my tongue started to squeeze inside him. He really liked that. His rock hard cock was twitching away and began leaking pre-cum.

It doesn't matter if it is pre-cum or cum, I will not away any of it to go to waste. My fingers on my untainted hand quickly scooped up as much as I could and, rising up from between his legs, I licked them clean of his stickiness. Whilst doing that my other fingers were back playing with his ass again. This time I firmly pushed them inside him, forcing his ass to accept them.

"Are you ready to take something a little more substantial?", I asked after a few minutes of getting his ass compliant for what was to come next.

"Please", his reply.

So I carefully lined up the tip of my strap-on with his butthole. Before pushing it in, I leaned forward and dribbled salvia on to my fake cock, spreading it up and down the shaft with my hand. And then I pressed it to his asshole. The head slowly started to disappear inside. He really, really liked that.

I kept pushing and it wasn't long at all until he was taking the whole thing. From there I slowly started thrusting my hips to move it in and out. I was cautious to begin with but he was obviously enjoying it so I got a bit more feisty with my fucking.

His twitching cock continued to leak pre-cum so I did my best to bend forward lick it off the tip of his cock while still fucking. It wasn't really happening though so, reaching behind me, I unfastened my bra and cast it aside. Getting down nice and low, I cupped and squeezed my bare tits around his cock. They engulfed it. And as I rubbed them up and down along his cock, he made a sticky mess on them with his pre-cum.

He quickly made amends by licking up his mess and then sharing a deep kiss with me. His cock juice swapped between our mouths until I had captured as much of it as possible. Pulling away from his lips, I gleefully swallowed it in one.

As I prepared to resume pegging his ass, he begged to taste my pussy. I climbed up onto the neighbouring couch and invited him to slide his face under my pussy. He got right in there and I lowered my pussy on to his awaiting tongue. His touch on my pussy felt really nice. His tongue alternated between working up and down between my pussy lips and tickling my clit. I closed my eyes bit my lip and enjoyed it.

Then I felt a rogue finger press against my own butthole. I let him continue to tease my butt before escalating things. Slobbering on my fingers, I pushed his finger aside and nicely moistened my butthole ready for him. With his finger now poised and ready to enter me, I pushed down on his finger with my own and forced it inside. I winced but took it.

Slowly but surely, his finger disappeared inside me until I had taken the whole thing.

"Try adding another finger", I suggested. So he did.

In no time at all, he had two fingers inside me, loosening my ass.

"How about that throbbing cock instead?", I enquired.

If all his Christmas' had come at once when I offered to peg him earlier, then I don't know what this was. All of his Christmas', birthdays and every other day he might get presents? That is to say, he really wanted to fuck my ass.

In preparation I gave him very clear instructions; be gentle, take it steady and if he cums in me, he has to lick it all out. Every last drop drop. He was happy with each of those so we got started wit the buttfucking. There were no problems getting the head of his cock into my ass. His fingers had loosened me up plenty for that. But once he got about half way in, he started to struggle to get any more in without being too forceful.

"Will you push back onto me please, Laura", he asked.

I obliged and pushed my butt back towards him, slowly sliding it down his cock until it had swallowed the whole thing.

I could feel his cock throbbing and twitching inside me as he started moving in and out. It felt so good. as I closed my eyes and let him have his way with me. And have his way he did. So much so that he soon expressed concerns that he wouldn't be able to hold back from cumming for much longer.

Reassuring him that it was OK for him to fill me with his hot load, I also reminded him that he would be cleaning it out if he did. Oh, and that he wasn't allowed to swallow it.

And then I felt his warmth inside me. He pumped me full again and again and again before he was spent.

Displaying a high degree of dexterity, he managed to pull out from my cum-filled ass and press his lips to my ass before barely any cum had begun to dribble out. Forming a tight seal, he sucked hard drawing most of the cum out of me . His tongue then did the rest of the work to get the remainder out of me. He then looked at me quizzically, not knowing what to do with all this cum that was swishing around in his mouth.

Jumping into his arms and wrapping my arms around him, I pressed my lips to his a kissed him passionately. Our tongues met and exchanged his fluids back and forth. 

Just like when we had did this earlier with his pre-cum, our kiss concluded with me opening wide to show off al the cum I had gathered on my tongue. I then closed my mouth, took a moment and then swallowed it allow. To prove it was all gone, I opened wide and held my tongue out. 


OK, time to get back to get back to fucking his ass. This is why I was on-stage after all. Except our time was up as the guy saw the time and realised he was late for another appointment. Very apologetic, he promised to let me finish pegging his ass some other time. 

I wasn't too disappointed by this turn of events as I'd had a lot of fun with him already. I will definitely finish the job in the future if I am given chance though.