Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Most Couples on a Bed or Table?

The Choux's merry band of swingers seems to be growing. So much so that they have had to expand the room that they host their Most Couples in One Hotel Room to accommodate all of their guests.

What's more, the new expansion has come with an amazing new bed that seems to have become an instant hit with visitors. There were no less than 4 couples sharing it when I walked in through the door. Seems like 'Most Couples on One Bed' might be a more fitting name for the event if things carry on like that in the future.

That said, they also made a good go at turning the event into a 'Most Couples on a Table' event a little later. Again, 4 couples all sharing the same space while shagging like bunnies.

In fact, all of the couples did a very good job of fucking in just about any spot in the room where there wasn't someone already fucking. And if there was someone fucking there, they would just fuck right next to them.

On a side note, there was so much fucking going on that it actually made me feel quite self-conscious about being just about the only person in the room who wasn't bare-ass naked. I'm not sure that has ever happened before. Of course, the remedy to that was simple... to strip off myself and enjoy a soak in the pool while perving on all the sexy action going on all around me.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Laura's Lexicon - Burger nips

Burger Nips - “Particularly wide and usually darkly-coloured nipples which give the illusion that the bearer has burgers placed upon their breasts. The areola must exceed a diameter of 5cm in order for them to be formally classified as such.”, Slang Define.

"Dude, check out the burger nips on her!"

Friday, 26 February 2021

Laura by moonlight

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Correcting an oversight

When I was selecting some sexy photos for my recent post on Mme and Mr Choux's Most Couples in One Hotel Room event, I managed to completely miss a few so none of those pics were included in my final post.

Most of them wouldn't have made the cut anyway, but I do rather like this of Mme Choux clearly enjoying being fucked from behind while one of her guests takes it in both holes in the background. Actually, not only do I really like the photo but I feel that it does a pretty good job of summing up what the Most Couples in One Hotel Room event is all about.

With that in mind, it is really a no-brainer that I have to correct my previous oversight by dedicating an entire post to this single pic.

3DXChat sex

Friday, 19 February 2021

A few dedicated masturbators

I didn't join in with the fapping fun at yesterday's Masturbation Party but I did, at least, get some photos of the visitors who did take part. There weren't too many visitors this week but does that really matter when the aim of the game is to play with yourself?

And for those of you who are left disappointed by the lack of naked Laura, then I will say this... hopefully The Cream Team will be able to re-unite for more Masturbation Party naughtiness real soon and you know there will be plenty of pics posted when that happens.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Don't know where to look

I find the new Climax Club a little bit confusing. Seeing as there are 4 stages around the room, I struggle to get my bearings because there is no focal point for me to reference as the front of the club. Getting out of the place when it was bedtime was an absolute nightmare. I just wandered in circles until I found the door.

Doesn't look like anyone else was particularly bothered, although it did take Amanda a while to find me. Directing her to look in the corner by the stage obviously wasn't the most useful of instructions. In the ned, I just had to wave my arms like a fool until she spotted me trying to get her attention. 

More bukake disappointments

Between finding yesterday's bukake pics and my recent Cream Team exploits at the Masturbation Party, its really got me thinking that I need to give finding a decent bukake event another go. So when I spotted one going on today, it was like it was meant to be.

Now, before we go any further, I just want to set some expectations. According to the Urban Dictionary, bukake (alternatively spelled bukkake and bukakke) is when "a bunch of guys in a circle jerk take turns jizzing on a willing female". The key take away points from that is that there are a bunch of guys, they are in a circle and they give a cum shower to some lucky girl in the middle. With that established, let's get back to the story...

I got there not long after doors opened so it was still yet to really get going. I noted that the venue had kindly marked on the follow where the participants should stand; a circle of guys around a girl in the middle. My past attempts at bukake had all been a bit haphazard and ad hoc so maybe this sort of organisation was exactly what I had been missing before.

There was a blue skinned beauty up on stage (in the designated position) sucking a single cock. After getting a sticky reward from him, another cock caught her attention away from the stage (she left the designated position to service him).

With no one else around to provide any competition for cocks, I stripped to my sexy underwear and claimed the designated cum-receiver position the on stage, ready to be surrounded by hard dicks getting stroked by their owners.

But nothing...

I waited and I waited. A few guys had a look to see what was going on but none would join me onstage with their dicks out. 

It was time to escalate things so off came the bra and panties. If a naked Laura onstage couldn't entice any willing cocks to join me, then nothing could.

Sure enough, one brave soul finally climbed the steps to join me. His trousers came off and my eyes lit up when his already hard cock popped out. As he began beating one off to me, I waited for him to come closer so I could give him a hand. Instead, his cock went limp and he was done. For fucks sake...

OK, so maybe guys were just shy of wanking in front of me being I wasn't fingering myself at the same time. So my fingers went to work and, just like that, I had another cock in front of me. My plan totally worked.

I shuffled a little bit closer. Then a little bit closer still. And then I pounced. My lips wrapped around his cock as I swallowed it down. My head bobbed back and forth as I furiously sucked him off. No way was I going to like this guy go all soft dick on me. Not until I'd drained his spaff all over me.

My hope was that the sight of me giving one punter a nice, sloppy blowjob would encourage other guys to come up and join us. It was a forlorn hope though. By the time he had glazed my face with his spunk, not a single ocock had joined us. As I once again had the stage to myself, I felt so, so disappointed.

Things soon got even worse for me when I then found myself flanked by two other women; the blue skinned beauty from earlier was back and there was a new girl as well. Two pantsless guys marched up to join us. But who would they choose? Well, not me obviously...

I felt so left out. Here I was begging to be cum on and the only willing cocks were instead getting sucked off by two other girls. What a fucking disappointment.

All was not lost though. A third cock finally approached. I shuffled up close to the throbbing head of his cock as he furiously stroked it. I looked up at him expectantly. This was it. Time for some more cum. 

But no... 

The blue skinned girl had finished her previous cock and was now more than happy to tempt my guy away by swallowing his whole length down. 

As they departed for somewhere more private, I cursed that greedy fucking bitch and could only look on jealously as the other girl on stage received a humungous load all over her face.

Whilst contemplating giving up on the whole bukake thing and just heading home, I got one more taker. I think I'd spotted him wanking just off to the side of the stage so I had a good feeling that he was primed and ready to cum.

He was more ready than I could possibly have imagined though as he blew his load before I could get myself into a prime facial position. Instead I was right on the edge of his range, only getting the very end of his stream of jizz splattered on my tits. The rest went to waste on the floor. Just one more in a succession of disappointments. Pretty much par for the course at this point.

Try as I might, I couldn't milk any more spunk out of him. He was spent.

As he sheepishly shuffled off, another guy stepped in to take his place. 

Now, perhaps all the guys at this bukake event have a different understanding to me of what bukake is. If we revisit my definition from earlier, its where a bunch of guys in a circle around me jerk themselves off until they cum on me. So why are they queuing up to do it one at at time. If they are at a bukake event, they must surely know what that entails?!

Nevertheless, I resigned myself to the fact that the best I could hope for would be to give one blowjob or handjob after another. Totally not what I was looking for but I'd try to make the best of things and maybe take a few more facials.

My latest cock just wasn't cumming for me though. I jerked him off with both hands. I deepthroated him. I jerked him off some more. Still no cum for me.

That was the final straw. I got up and walked out, defeated once more in my quest for bukake. Blue balling someone like that is not something I would do lightly and I'm not proud of doing it, but I had had enough. And he kinda deserved it for not cumming on me despite my best efforts to get him off.