Friday, 27 November 2020

Top of the Rock

I've had to take some time out of late due to deal with some difficult things that I've been having to process in my personal life but Virtual Sugar's Top of the Rock event seemed like as good an opportunity as any to get back into the swing of things.

The setting was absolutely stunning with a phenomenal view of the night time cityscape. I had myself a good little explore, as much to get a break from the crowded dance floor as to take in the city views from every side of the tower but they were definitely worth taking in.

Only downer was that Jess and I contrived to turn up wearing the same dress... 

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Spanksgiving 2020

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving on this side of the pond so I will substitute it for a happy Spanksgiving instead.

Spanksgiving is a time to both give a good spanking to someone else and to be grateful for any spanking you get in return. But, of course, all spankings must be consensual. Random spankings of someone who is not participating in Spanksgiving are utterly forbidden.

Extra credit to anyone who can leave a turkey shaped handprint on someone else's bare arse cheek.

Monday, 9 November 2020

Cum Fuck Orgy

Well at least the sexy silhouette wall art at the Cum Fuck Orgy is a bit different to the same figures that I see at just about every other club...

Thursday, 5 November 2020

National Redhead Day 2020

Happy National Redhead Day to all my fellow redheads out there.

Whether you are ginger, auburn, burgundy, copper or strawberry blonde, you are all beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And that includes all of you for whom your carpet doesn't match your drapes. You are beautiful too.

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Jerk Off Instruction

If you were unable to attend tonight's installment of the monthly Virtual Sugar Porn Movie Party, then you will have missed the debut of my latest movie in which I give some sexy jerk off instruction to all the horny guys watching it

But don't worry, it is now available for everyone to watch in the comfort and privacy of your own homes, so you can stroke your cocks (or rub your pussies) for me while it count you down. And when I get to the end of my countdown, I want you to give me all of your cum. Every last drop of it. All over my face.

Most Couples in One Hotel Room

I've had a few invites to visit the Choux's Most Couples in one Hotel Room swingers event at their No Tell Motel but until now the planets have not aligned for me to be able to make an appearance. I thought this week's would be another event missed but I found myself with a bit of spare time and managed to catch the tail end of the event.

Although things were starting to wind down by the time I got there, there were still a few couples keen to make the most of every minute that the place was open for. I get the impression that some of the are regulars at the Most Couples in One Hotel event who have a passion for building and maintaining a vibrant and welcoming wingers scene. So, from what I got to see, it was clear that its a great visit for any active or aspiring swingers.