Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Look at what we have here...

My Lovense Hush has arrived! So fucking excited to try this out. You would not believe how quickly I got this thing unboxed. (The box it came in was pretty nice, by the way). Just need to get it charged up so I can get it for a test run.

Apparently neither staring intently at it or pouting makes it charge any faster though. Funny, cos when I want guys to do something, one or the other of those usually encourages them to get it done faster. I suppose that is one thing that teledildonics cannot yet replicate.

Oh well, I will have to be patient. I'm sur it will be worth it in the end.

Sunday, 16 May 2021

Lovense assisted loving?

And back to the Lovense promotional event held at the Lovense Lounge on Friday night. As promised before, it's time to show off some of the naughty guests who couldn't keep their hands off each other. I mean, guests having sex at a sex toy promotional event... Who would have thought it?

I am curious to know whether any of these guests were getting to try out any of Lovense's products while they were at it though. Possibly having just made a purchase from one of the conveniently-placed toy vending machines?

It's only now that that I look back at the pictures after the fact, that I notice that a lot of them are of couples who are kissing or engaging in some foreplay. What are the chances that some Lush toys are providing a little extra stimulation. That would be super sexy.

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Another sticky teaser

A brief interlude in my barrage of Lovense posts to tease the latest stars to film some footage for my next movie project.

I've been dying to get the gorgeous Reena Rain in front of my camera for ages now so I was super excited to have finally found something to offer her. She was every bit as lovely to work with as she is stunningly beautiful and I certainly hope to work with her again in the future when our schedules allow. Lucky for you guys, she also has her own site so be sure to head over there and check out some of previous work. Not surprisingly, she has quite the resume of both video and photoshoots to her name. And boys, if you do check them out, be sure to have a decent supply of tissues; you're gonna need them...

Equally, casting AceX in something has been long overdue. After all, I've already completed 3 photoshoots for him, which you can find one his AceProduction website (be sure to also check out Reena's shoots while your there!). The earliest of those was over 2 years ago so its about time I returned the favour. So it was with much relief that he too also finally got cast in one of my projects. I think you'll be seeing more of him in my coming work, for sure, as reliable pros like him are like gold dust.

In regards, the movie that we were shooting for, progress had started to stall as of late due to scheduling difficulties and other distractions, so I'm hugely grateful that Reena and Ace were able to give me some of their previous time to help get things back on track. Especially since I do feel bad for some of the performers who helped me kick off the project months ago and who are still to see the fruits of the labours. Hopefully this progress will spur me on to keep going a a better pace.

In fact, I'm currently talking to a few other performers that will hopefully also be making an appearance in the project and help inch me towards that finish line; a few who you will surely be familiar with and one or two exciting new prospects who are looking to make their mark as performers. With their help, I will finally get the movie finished, I promise!

Celebs grace the Lovense Lounge red carpet

I donned my best roving reporter cap and did my nest to capture some of the goings on of the Lovense Lounge's red carpet. Loitering near the red carpet, I did my best to pap some photos of prominent community members arriving at the event. But there were plenty of distractions all around so it wasn't easy to keep up.

I did manage to capture celebs Gizmo and Lisa living it up on the red carpet. We don't get to see them out and about that much so they were really making the most of a rare opportunity to meet their many fans. As well as posing with each other, they also seemed very happy to pose for photos with fans. I bet they must have felt like proper mega-stars with all the demands for their attention.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to get any pictures of the pair, Lisa in particular, boinging around like bunny rabbits in their free moments when the queue of new arrivals eager to pose with them had died down. I'm afraid you'll just have to use your imagination to picture that one.

Famous camgirl Medeia was also seen strutting her stuff on the red carpet. Being a user of Lovense's products in her shows, she was not surprisingly, proudly representing the brand in an approriately skimpy outfit, If you want to check out one of her sexy stream, you can find her by heading over to Plexstorm.

Lovense Lounge hits a homerun with grand opening

As for my own personal night out at the Lovense Lounge, I had an absolute whale of a time and ended staying much longer than I ever expected to.

In truth, I went along more out of sense of obligation to check out and report on these sort of massive community events and because I was curious to see what sort of promotion Lovense were putting on. I thought I'd go along, maybe spend an hour or so there getting some pictures and getting a feel for what the event was all about and then move on. I mean, I prefer a quite life so normally shy away from these sort of extravaganzas where I feel awkwardly out of place.

Six hours after strutting my stuff down the red carpet to pose for some quick photos, I finally said my goodbyes and headed home for some well-earned sleep. So why did I end up staying so much longer than expected?

Firstly, the party was just fucking epic. Simple as that. So many people having such a good time. It was actually infectious. So much so that even someone like myself, who normally is content to just sit on the periphery watching what's going on, couldn't help but get caught up in the party atmosphere.

And everyone was so friendly there, I couldn't help but be far more chatty than my usual reserved self. I caught up with old friends who have reappeared after years away. I chatted to random fans of my blog who just wanted to say "hi" or share some kind words with me (all very appreciated, I assure you). I got hit on a few times by guys who were hoping to get lucky for the night. And I had a good boogie on the dancefloor with some good friends and new acquaintances.

The community celebs were also out in force and I had a lot of fun trying to pick out famous faces in the crowd, of which there were plenty, and get a sneaky snap of them. You can definitely look forward to a Celeb Watch post very soon.

I was also made to feel like a star in my own right by the aforementioned fans who said hello to me. That was just compounded by repeatedly being papped by photographer Max Norman, who sneaked a few beautiful photos of me (he does some great work, by the way, so I highly recommend you check out his Twitter). Definitely a case of me getting a taste of my own medicine but also very humbling to know that some people take note of what I do and find some value in it.

It should also go without saying that I had a good peruse around the Lovense exhibit. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may already be aware of this as I was doing some tweeting from the event, but I couldn't resist putting in an order for one of Lovense's Hush toys; a remote-controlled buttplug that I'm very much looking forward to receiving in the post very soon. You can be sure I will doing a review of that when it arrives. Ironically though, I think that was the one toy that they didn't have a giant replica of that I could pose next to to show my pride at my order. What a shame.

That pretty much wraps it up, I think. In summary, arrived at 8pm and stayed til 2am, had a fucking great time and managed to add another sex toy to my collection along the way. Good times!

And all that is left to say is that everyone involved with making it happen absolutely deserves a massive "well done" and "thank you" for all the hard work put into making such an event possible. My only question now is when can we look forward to the next one?.

Friday, 14 May 2021

Lovense brings the glitz and glamour

There were really only two places to be tonight; at the Lovense Lounge grand opening or at one of the anti-Lovense protest parties.

If you find yourself asking "who are Lovense?", then let me enlighten you. Lovense are a sex toy manufacturer who specialise in teledildonics. In other words, toys that can be controlled by a phone or computer app, which may even be being controlled by a partner who is either in your company or halfway round the world. If you have seen any of my camgirl recordings, you may have seen one where I make use of their Lush toy; a simple remote controlled love egg that let my views vibrate my pussy by sending me tips. They are good stuff.

Next up, you may be asking "why were people protesting Lovense?" and that is a very good question. As far as I can tell, it comes down to ego, arrogance and an over-inflated sense of entitlement. Apparently, some people in the community believe that when companies like Lovense are putting on promotional events for the community, they are somehow beholden to them to consult them on business matters, such as where they will hold their event and who will be invited to take part in organising it.

In the end, it's not really anything against the the company or their products. It just comes down to people having sore feeling because they believe they deserve to have been asked to be involved but weren't. Staging a boycott of the event to express their frustrations was nothing more than an act of childish defiance and, let's face it, no-one really missed them not being there.

But enough about those salty plonkers and back to the fun that the rest of us had. And, I mean wow, what a party!

The event was hosted at a stunning roof top club, one end of which was dedicated to an exhibit of Lovense's various products. There was the red carpet treatment for visitors to experience on their arrival. The rarely-sighted Gizmo and Lisa were out and about bringing a bit of star-power to the event and making the most of their opportunity to meet and greet guests (more on that in a later post). In fact, it really was a must attend event for the who's who of the community in general. If you were there, you may have spotted well-known pornstars, producers, photographers and camgirls, as they were all out in force

Away from the glitz and glamour of the red carpet and Lovense promotional area, the dancefloor was absolutely heaving with bodies, like nothing I've ever seen before. And, it goes without saying, there were plenty of naughty fuckers taking advantage of the conveniently provided fuck area (again more on that in another post).