Thursday, 10 June 2021

Would you like to play my game?

Despite all the praises that I sang for it, I've not really managed to get that much use out of Hush toy. Not because I haven't wanted to. Boy, have I wanted to. But because I've just been too busy with a multitude of things keeping me occupied of late.

Today was a slower day though, so I was determined to, not only get some use out of it, But to try to involve some random strangers in my fun.

I devised a simple game. Anyone who tried to hit on me while I was out would be given the opportunity to roll my 6 sided dice (better know as a D6 to the nerds amongst us). Whatever the number they rolled on the dice, would be the number of minutes that I would let them control my Hush for using a special link I would send them.

All I needed was to decide where I was going to play my game and there really did not seem like anywhere more suitable than the Porn Theater, where I could put on a show for everyone to watch. And where anyone in the audience who wanted to play my game, would be able to join in and try their luck with my dice. It was a fine idea.

So I arrived at the Porn Theater with my Hush stashed in my handbag and immediately made my way down to the stage to get the show underway. There weren't more than a handful of people in the theater at this point but I cracked on regardless.

Stripping down to some sexy lingerie, I started trying to warm up the few audience members who had their eyes trained on me. Before long, my panties also came off as I began playing with myself. That was the trigger for my first volunteer to approach the stage. It was time for my game to begin.

I explained the rules of the game to him and he seemed very eager to take part. Very eager indeed as he rolled the dice. The dice landed on a 2. Not the best rest by any means but he seemed to be content.

It was now time for me to insert my Hush so we could get going. I find it takes a little bit of time and effort to get it in (I must have a tight butthole), not to mention plenty of lube. While I endeavoured to get myself ready as quickly as possible, my volunteer started to strip off as well, asking if I would like to suck his cock first. That wasn't part of the game, I explained. And then finally, it was in and we were ready to play. Except he had lost interest and disappeared.

And that was it for a while. I was onstage fingering myself in front of everyone, buttplug inserted and ready to go but no more volunteers. Until finally, just as I was about to pack up and go home, one more volunteer.

I explained the rules to him and he liked the sound if the game very much. He rolled the dice. It was another 2 so I prepared the control link and sent it to him. I then lay back and waited for the buzzing to begin. And I waited. And I waited some more. And then a very soft buzzing. A soft buzzing that quickly got stronger. It felt good. It felt really good.

His 2 mins past in a flash. Having him buzz my butt was very nice, although he didn't really make the most of it. Instead of really taking control and having his way with me, he seemed content to just turn the vibrations up to a medium intensity and then pretty much leave it there.

With time running out before I had to leave, I offered him one more roll of the dice. He accepted, of course. This time is was a 4. Plenty of time for him to play with me.

He did a little more this time. Occasionally taking the power up towards the maximum. And teasing me a few times by dropping it down low, only to then suddenly crank it right up again. He still wasn't super creative with the power I had given him but it felt good nevertheless. I just knew that I could feel even better if he really made an effort.

So, with my departure time rapidly approaching and no other volunteers in sight, I gave him one final roll of my dice. Hopefully third time really would a charm and he would blow me away. He rolled another 2 but seemed more interested in trying to get me to suck his cock. I explained that that wasn't part of my game but he was adamant that it was an improvement on my game. In the end, I had no choice be to give him an ultimatum; starting buzzing me for his final 2 minutes or I leave right away. Sure enough, the buzzing soon began.

Now, I'd like to say that he'd finally go the hang of how to really please my butt by nimbly changing the strength of the vibrations I was feeling but, in truth, it was just another run where he set it to about medium strength and didn't really vary it at all. It felt like he was just being lazy and had lost interest after I rejected his requests to suck his cock.

When the timer expired, I thanked him for playing my game whilst I quickly got dressed before hastily making my way to the exit. I didn't want to be late for my afternoon appoint after all. However, in my haste. I did leave my plug inserted, so it wasn't until I got home later in the evening that I finally had the opportunity to take it out. To think that none of the people that I had been meeting with during the intervening time had any idea what I had between my legs...

Upon reflection, I didn't get the interest that I would have hoped for. Not nearly enough to get me off. But I did find my game to be absolutely thrilling. The idea of letting random guys have their way with my butt got me so, so aroused. And, although, there wasn't enough buzzing this time, I will definitely by taking my dice and plug out with me again to give my little game another go.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Cafe und kuchen

Our evening out at Beans N Cream Cafe at the weekend was so enjoyable that I nagged Amanda into coming along with me for another caffeine-fuelled evening out there.

Upon arrival, we did have to wait quite some time for some service. Eventually the same server who was so kind to me the other night emerged from the back to greet us. Apparently, we'd been kept waiting because she had been dealing with water leak in the staff room. Terrible things, water leaks. Thankfully she managed to get a man to come and service her pipes. She must have been helping him out through, as she seemed a little flustered and out of breathe when she did finally come to greet us.

It was getting on in the evening so Amanda only ordered a tea. She doesn't believe in having coffee any later than the afternoon, you see. I, on the other hand, decided to go for something a little fancy and ordered myself a caramel macchiato to satisfy my need for caffeine and my sweet tooth.

Whilst our server, the lovely Mittens, was brewing our beverages, I had a good look at what baked treats were on offer. There were so many delicious looking cakes that I could not make my mind up as to what to get. I enquired as to whether Mittens had any recommendations. She suggested the yellow vanilla sponge would be a perfect complement to go with my caramel macchiato so I trusted her expertise.

Amanda also wanted a treat and settled on a cookie. She then quickly trotted back to our seats with her tea and cookie leaving me to have to foot the bill for both of us. Mittens was super kind yet again though, and gave us a discount so the whole think came to a mere $5, which is an absolute steal. Both my drink and food were simply delicious as well, making it even better value for money. Amanda approved of her's too.

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Beans N Cream

It would appear that Amanda has a terrible memory as, on Thursday night, she was hit by the sudden realisation that she had forgotten to give me the birthday cake that she made with me 3 weeks earlier. So we arranged to have a somewhat belated birthday celebration tonight instead. 

Amanda laid on a rather nice spread of pepperoni pizza and a newly baked choc cake, which we gorged ourselves on, before she took me out to the Beans N Cream Cafe for a nightcap. I half expected us to walk into a sex cafe with a rather naughty double entendre for a name. Thankfully it was a very quaint little coffeeshop.

Service was exceptional and, when Amanda blabbed about it being a belated birthday treat for my birthday, I was gifted a cute little pink cupcake with a candle in the top by the server. And, even better, if I could blow the candle out in one go, the cappucinos and donuts that we had already ordered would be on the house.

I took a deep breathe, then huffed and puffed with all my might until I turned red in the face and almost passed out. The candle was extinguished and Amanda breathed a sigh of relief as she would no longer need to get her purse out. But then, as I leaned in to take a nibble from the cupcake, the flame flickered back into life. Fate had spoken and Amanda had to cough up for my treat.

She then managed to make a complete mess of her white t-shirt by getting the pink icing from her donut all of it. She only made matters worse when she smeared the icing all over her t-shirt while trying to clean it up. Such a mucky pup. I had to apologise profusely for the amount of bother that she caused and, since I hadn't had to pay for anything myself, I left a rather generous tip as a thank you for how well we were treated by our server.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Laura's Lexicon - Outercourse

Outercourse - "Sexual activity in which participants receive non-penetrative sexual pleasure. Some people consider outercourse everything but penis in vagina but more commonly it is considered to exclude penetration of any kind including fingers, sex toys, and anal sex.

This means that pretty much everything sexual you do that isn’t penetrative counts as outercourse. Think: making out, touching, dry humping, massages, external toy play, and some BDSM activities.

Whereas, foreplay implies that you are doing activities that proceed the real main event, outercourse can result in high arousal and orgasm. It implies that the sexual activity can start and end as outercourse. There's nothing that needs to proceed it or come afterward", Cosmopolitan.

"I'm dating this christian chick who's saving herself for marriage. It's not all bad though. We get to have outercourse. I just can't put it in her."

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Is there an exorcist in the house?

Erm, I think someone needs to call an exorcist! That neck twisting action looks neither natural, nor particularly comfortable. The only logical explanation is that it is enabled but a rather inconvenient spot of demonic possession.

If The Exorcist has taught me one thing, it is that this sort of unnatural display is also accompanied by projectile vomit, so fearing for the welfare of my dress, I beat a hasty retreat before I had chance to see if their necks managed to complete the full 360 degree spin. I'm just going to assume they did.

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

An absolute fuckfest

A little bit late posting these but better late than never...

Last week, the Chouxs hosted an all-day fuckfest. There was a name for the event but it's completely slipped my mind now. The important thing is that it was sexy as fuck, with singles and couples coming together to mingle and fuck for hours on end. Some of the sexual stamina on display was truly impressive. Of course, the Chouxs led by example.