Monday, 12 April 2021

A quick stop at Quickies

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember this Quickies restroom having a shower room before. So it seems like they've gone to the effort of building an extension on to the side but they couldn't run a broom round and sweep up all the discarded shit on the floor.

Apparently people are still happy to roll around in shit while fucking. And, to clarify, I don't mean literal shit. I know, that I'm talking about public toilets so it's understandable if you think I was. But what I actually mean is empty bottles and cans, discarded cigarette butts, used condoms and so on.

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Don't feed the troll

"Hey darling do you know the difrence (sic) betwen (sic) 5 mins of blowjob and 5 mins of vaginal sex?"

Ladies, if you hear this words, just do yourself a favour and ignore this guy's punk ass. He's just a foul and obnoxious troll who is going round harassing women by calling them worthless sluts over and over again. He's not even a very imaginative troll as he seems to always have to open with this one phrase

And once you have heard them, it will only go downhill from there as he bombards you with vile comments if you take his bait. There's no point trying to engage him. He only wants to cause trouble. Just save yourself the bother and ignore.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Nothing to see here folks...

This is absolutely not a teaser for some filming that I completed tonight with Jessica and Chris.

It certainly is not anything to do with the next movie that I am working on.

Please move along.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Comparing and contrasting student parties across generations

Finding ourselves at a loose end, Amanda and I decided to have a giggle by crashing a student party at a local halls of residence. It's more years than either of us would care to admit since we graduated from university so I was interested to see how student parties have changed in the intervening years.

Of course, we always think that things were better back "in our day", but are they really so different?

The answer is "no, not reallyh" if this party was representative of how the youth of today unwind between studying hard for their futures. If I go down my checklist of party staples, I think I can tick most of them off...

Lukewarm complimentary beer? Check!

Unconscious people lying face down in a pool of their own drool on the couch? Check!

Someone walking in on a couple who forgot to lock the bathroom door while having sex? Check!

A visit from the local constabulary to make sure that all attendees were of age? Check!

Blowjobs in the bedroom? Check!

Someone trying to sneak the mixtape that they brought with them onto the stereo when they think everyone else is too wasted to notice? Check!

In fact, I think the only thing that was missing was an impromptu gathering of people in the kitchen for absolutely no reason. Which was very lucky for us, because when I started to get the munchies, I was able to raid the freezer completely unaccosted.

My mission to find some Birdseye Potato Waffles to stick in the oven was a miserable failure. But I did at least manage to find a bag of potato wedges. With Amanda on lookout duties and running interference with anyone how came to investigate what we were up to, I got them in the oven pronto. A few interlopers did pop in to see what we were up to but, fortunately, our diversionary tactics were sufficient to stop us from getting rustled and we were soon noming down on the wedges. Good times.

Poor Amanda then found herself in need of the bathroom, only to find it already occupied by a couple. Now, if they have been fucking, I would have been totally cool with that. But all they were doing was making out. I mean, come on, let's be grown ups here and not get all embarrassed by a little bit of kissing. You don't need to lock yourselves away for that. So inconsiderate to monopolise the bathroom just for that...

So desparate for a pee, was she, that she got straight on the phone to a local taxi company to call us a ride to take us somewhere where she could relieve herself and that was it for us reliving the past.

Did we have a fun night out? Fuck yeah! Was it all that different to back in our day? Not at all. And I, for one, think that is a good thing. Make the most of those days kids; they really are the some of the best days of your lives.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

If you go down to the woods today...

Everyone get naked!

In all honesty, its actually refreshing to see so many people actively engage with the theme of an event as there were at this naked orgy party. I've spoken before of my frustrations at attending bukake events where no-one seems interested in anything other than some random sex. Or nude parties where half the guests just mill around while fully clothed.

Not so here. With the exception of just the odd person here and there, everyone attending this event really committed to the theme and I applaud them all.

There were naked bodies left right and centre. There were naked bodies twirling round poles. There were naked bodies lying on beds.  There were naked bodies sitting on couches. There were naked bodies propping up the bar.  There were naked bodies in the hot tub. Just naked, sexy bodies everywhere.

Bravo, I say. Bravo.

You see, the level of participation really can make or break an event and when you see everyone going all in one it, it really is something to behold. Something very sexy.

And, of course, all these naked bodies weren't just casually sitting around. Oh no, they were fucking and sucking. Moaning and groaning. Licking and fingering. Cumming and climaxing. Just all that good stuff that we perverts love to do.