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Although probably best known for appearing in my own TWK Productions movies, I have also worked with a number of other producers, including some who represent the most well-known and prestigious porn studios around. 

Willing to take part in both photo and video shoots, the bulk of my work so far for other production studios has been in porn and glamour modelling photoshoots but I've has also taken part in several hardcore porn movie shoots.

As an experienced producer, I like to think that working on both sides of the camera has only benefitted me as a performer and model, giving me an all-round perspective that many performers may not have, hopefully making me easy to work with.

Ace Production

The very first production studio to give me a chance as a model. It is always a pleasure to be invited back for more shoots.

Ace Production has been around for a long time and has worked with the very best models. Ace's experience makes him one of the very best producers to work with.

Episode #35
Episode #61
Episode #75
Episode #110 - Slut Bus
Episode #120 - Wedding Error
Episode #121 - The Landlord


Definitely a case of quality over quantity from this photographer, model, builder and masturbation coach. It's an honour to get a call to appear in his content.

Caligula's stunningly beautiful Figures of Tranquility series showcased some of the biggest names in the game in ways that you have never seen them before. And little, old me as well.

Figures of Tranquility
Masturbation Training

De Oranje Fotografie

If high class fashion and lifestyle is what interests you, look no further than De Oranje Fotografie for something with both style and substance!

Stunning photography coupled with a deep insight into fashion is what you'll find. Featured models reveal their personal secrets about how they maintain their glamorous auras. Sometimes that is not all that they reveal...

Harper's Bazaar shoot


Dom is the man behind some very ambitious, large-scale shoots with models lining up to appear in his work. You know you've made it, when you get invited to take part in his annual Christmas shoot.

If the bite-sized content he posts on Twitter isn't enough for you, head over to the full galleries he posts on Imgur.

Laura's Toy Collection
Santa Dom's Xmas Helpers

Layla Keys

Layla has a talent for delivering gorgeous photos right across the spectrum of ratings; all the way from G through to XXX.

Whether it's a stylish fashion shoot or some filthy hardcore porn, she consistently captures beautiful shots, whatever the tone. Such versatility is an impressive virtue to have.


Mr Jerome

No photographer has mastered the art of capturing a juicy bit of man-bum or some unashamed masturbation more so than Jerome.

All of that light-hearted naughtiness is wrapped up in beautifully composed shots and stunning vistas that make his work an absolute delight to behold.

Mutual Mondays Teaser
Mutual Mondays #1
Mutual Mondays #2
Mutual Mondays #3
Mutual Mondays #4
National Masturbation Day

Max Norman

If you value creators who put their heart and soul into each and every shoot they does, then Max Norman is your man.

His lovingly created content is some of the most stunning that you will find and his flipbooks are things of absolute beauty.

Part of Paradise
(Sugarmag #004)
MxN August Challenge
Think Pink

Royal BBC

A prolific studio helmed by xAnthonyLx, who have been able to pump out shoot after shoot over the years, Royal BBC specialise in shorter-form photoshoots. although they do also have an impressive selection of movies which you can find on Xvideos.

Sex Tips #8
Santa's Sexy Helper

Happy Easter from Royal BBC
Thursday Night Football

Sexxxy Jessica

Her boobs are a thing of legend and she's not afraid to show the girls off. Her content is just as hot as she is. If you haven't heard of the gorgeous SexxxyJessica, you must have been living under a rock.

Tushy Tuesday - 3 Lionesses
Come On England
The Premier League Returns

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