Friday 20 March 2020

Penthouse Escort Club

I'm not really sure what an escort club is. Is it to a brothel, what a gentlemen's club is to a strip club? In other words, it's just somewhere guys can guy to pay for the company of a woman and all the things that go along with that (I'm obviously talking about fucking...) but it's really fancy to the point of being shamelessly ostentatious?

Regardless of the name, it seems like the Penthouse Escort Club more than qualifies for inclusion in my mission to visit as many strip / gentlemen's clubs as possible. All in the name of putting together a comprehensive selection of Yelp reviews, of course.

My verdict on this place? Not to shabby. Plenty of ladies on offer for a table dance or something a little more private. Probably not a cheap night out though. Worth it if you can afford it, I imagine.

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