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Back in those distant days of 2015, I found that I had become somewhat hooked on taking lots of sexy pics. Feeling it was a shame to do nothing with them, I went looking for some where to share them.

Ultimately, I settled on Tumblr. With my blog setup, I soon started to build a healthy number of followers to share my content with. An important part of the blog was that I wanted to tell stories to go with the pictures. Something that I think was a bit different to other 3dxchat Tumblrs of the time.

Birth of my blog

Of course, the great Tumblr Apocalypse then happened and everything that all of the great 3dxchat bloggers had built was gone. Not willing to let go of all of my hard work, I created my own personal website and migrated all of the content across from Tumblr.

That site is still my home to this today and the place to keep up-to-date with my adventures. I do miss those halcyon Tumblr days though. There was a great little community who supported and collaborated with each other and it doesn't feel quite the same when going solo.

I try to cover all sorts of things on my blog. Reviews of interesting venues I visit, diaries of my adventures, random thought pieces where I opine about things that are on my mind, records of my perving and, naturally, reports of my various sexploits and sexcapades.

I'm sure the later of these are the ones that most of my followers are most interested in so I handily gathered them altogether in one place.

Primarily, I've always been a 3dxchat photographer. As already mentioned, that is what got me started with the whole blogging thing in the first place. But I also always had an interest in creating other types of content. I'd especially wanted to get more into being a video creator and had dabbled with a few random videos in my early days of blogging.

Looking back on them now, they are mostly pretty terrible but each and every one was a valuable learning experience. Most of those early efforts can still be found over at Naughty Machinima.

Eventually, I felt ready to take on something a bit more ambitious. There were already plenty of 3dxchat video creators around but I felt their work was all quite similar. Whatever I did, I knew I wanted it to be a bit different to what was already out there. Something that hadn't been done before.

Laura's Airbnb

I knew I wanted to create some sort of series, ideally where each episode would have a narrative with proper character interactions, not just two avatars blankly staring at each other.

The idea of the Airbnb theme came about complete by accident but I immediately thought it ticked all the boxes and was something I could run with. As a bonus, it could be a fun theme, that didn't take itself too serious and even gave me the chance to throw in a bit of punchline ending to each episode, usually at my own expense. 

Recruiting cast members was a bit of a challenge but I got there in the end. I even managed to give early acting breaks to a few aspiring porn actresses who you may be vary familiar with today.

I had a bunch of ideas for another batch of episodes that would make a Season 2 but for various reasons never got round to it. Maybe sometime soon... And if I do, I hope that few of my old guests might return for another stay with me.

A Night Out With Laura

This series was a complete accident. I'd been out of the moviemaking game for a while after getting burnt out making my Airbnb series and wanted to get back into it. One night I attended a rude nude party and had that lightbulb above head moment that a fly-on-the-wall video of my night out could be a great little project to get me back in the swing of things.

They don't crop up often, but every now and then, I'll find myself in a similar situation again and out comes my camera to make a record of it.

Webcamming with Laura

Again, like with my Airbnb series, I wanted to do something a bit different with this series. Inspiration for it came when I was browsing various movies on Pornhub and randomly clicked through onto a live camgirl feed that popped up. "I think I could make something like this work", I thought to myself.

More than any of my previous videos, these ones required a little thinking outside of the box to create and I wasn't sure it would ever be more than just a single episode. Over time, I occasionally revisited the series though and it has gradually grown.

Partnering with Virtual Sugar

When one of my Night Out videos that was filmed at a Virtual Sugar event came to the attention of the powers that be at Virtual Sugar, I was approached about the possibility of partnering with them. Simply put, I'd get my own channel in their Discord server where I could promote my content.

Simultaneously, that earned me continual invite to participate in Virtual Sugar's Porn Cinema events. Indeed, I was lucky enough to have one of my movies featured at each and every one of their events. In some cases, they screened existing movies that had already been out for a while but, in a few cases, they got to debut brand new movies before they could be seen anywhere else. Even before I shared them here.

More recently, some of my articles have also been featured in their monthly Sugarmag digital magazine. Something that brought me a lot of pride as it was nice recognition for the time and effort that I put into writing many of my posts and articles.

Cum For Laura

By far my most ambition movies, inspired by wanting to really push the boat out and deliver something extremely sexy for screening at the Porn Cinema.

The first movie in this series was a sexy jerk off instruction video where I tell the view how I want them to stroke their cock before counting them down to an enjoyable nut. I'm sure there were plenty of guys wanking along to it whilst it was projected up on the big screen.

But, that was just the warm up act to my biggest movie project yet. My Try Not To Cum Challenge took a whooping 8 months to complete and featured appearances from a huge number of different performers; some who you will already know and love and some who were making their porn debuts. 

Production was extremely difficult with several delays due to problem in my personal life, difficulties with casting and some technical challenges that had to be overcome during post-production. The end result was something I'm not sure I will ever top. I'm pretty sure I will never want to try.

Lovense Affiliate

As part of the my production for my Webcamming with Laura series, I became quite intrigued by the tip vibes that camgirls use, the biggest name of which seemed to be Lovense. Eventually, I could resist no more and treated myself to a nice expensive vibrating buttplug from them.

And so started my love affair with Lovense sex toys. Something that has reflected by they amount of Lovense-themed content.

As my Lovense collection has grown, I've enjoyed reporting on each and every new addition. Indeed, my Lovense hands on reviews are the longest content that I have been producing with some of them being long and detailed reads. Well worth checking out if you are tempted to dabble in the would of remote controlled sex toys.

On top of reviewing my toys, I've also had a lot of pleasure letting my fans take control of them. When I periodically open my Buzz My Butt / Buzz Me room, guests can roll my dice to take control of my toy. The better they roll, the more minutes they get control for. In return, my guests get to enjoy the experience of me cumming again and again in front of them. Or not, if they decide to tease me byedging me along while denying me the orgasms I crave.

Finally, I have signed up as a Lovense affiliate. What does that mean? Well, obviously I done a lot to promote their brand with the activities that I've just mentioned. In return, any customer who purchase after clicking through from my website earns me a little bit of commission for my efforts. So far all of my earnings have gone straight back to Lovense though, with my first pay out being used to fund a National Sex Toy give away where I gifted a Hush to one lucky winner.

Expanding my modelling portfolio

Through increased exposure via my Virtual Sugar partnership and an increased social media presence on Twitter, I've also found myself being more in demand as a performer. For many years, Ace Production were the only studio that offered me any work as a performer but I have finally been able to break out and am receiving semi-regular offers to work with other producer and content creators.

I already had plenty of experience working on both sides of the camera due to the number of my own movies that I had appeared in, but working with other producers has brought many fun new experiences, all of which hopefully contribute towards me becoming a better produce myself.

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