Saturday, 22 January 2022

Hey, it's me!

Look ma, I'm on TV! Well, not quite TV, but I did manage to photobomb my way into a Chaturbate camgirl's live stream!

Once I realised, I obviously hung around to see what shenanigans she got up to. And, what I mean by hung around, is that I shameless stalked her as she wandered from party to party in a quest for easy cock to suck and fuck. 

Obviously, I only did it so I could report back to you! So you can be aware of these sort of things and the dangers they may pose to your covert naughtiness... or something...

For those of us that have been around for a while, you may remember the exploits of KittyQuinn. If not, the long and short of it was that she was one of Plexstorm's poster camgirls when they launched and, amid a heavy promo campaign, she joined our little community for a few days, What followed was a massive mob of peeps following her around, looking for their 5 minutes of fame, as they invaded room after room.

Of course, her interest obviously waned quickly when her streams didn't seem to bring in that much money in tip earnings. Probably because Plexstorm was never going to be able to compete with the established giants like Chaturbate and Streamate. In fact, if you going looking for it, you'll probably come to the conclusion that it no longer exists. As far as I can tell, they disappeared late last year and all that remains is an abandoned Twitter account

Anyway, back on topic... This camgirl seemed to have a good time fucking and sucking anyone who would accept her cold invites. There was no publicity behind this so I would wager that most of her conquests had no idea that were being broadcast across the interwebs. Thankfully, she didn't seem to be interested in talking with anyone she fucked so no potentially sensitive or embarrassing conversations were put out there for all her viewers to see (over 2000 of them at one point!).

It seems like her money making angle is that stream viewers can tip for to perform both virtual and real acts, sometimes at the same time. I'm definitely interested to follow her progress to see if this is sustainable for her or not. The cynic in me says it will just be a fad and she will be back to her proverbial day job soon of getting facefucked by her boyfriend on her cam streams. I suspect that she will earn far more from tips doing that because she seems to be able to deepthroat like an absolute champ!

Also, I give her props for the commitment to the number of outfit changes that she managed to get through.

I did wonder for one second if we might get another KittyQuinn style mob as I don't think I was alone in working out that she was streaming her sexploits. At one point a group of bystanders did start to develop around her, most of them giving her polite applause as she took it in both holes from a pair of guys. Maybe they got bored though, because most of the soon dispersed

If you fancy trying to track her down for a livestreamed fuck, keep an eye out for DaphneBlake. Conversely, if you absolutely do not want yourself streamed for hundreds or even thousands to see, avoid DaphneBlake. I'll leave it up to you to decide which camp you want to fall into.


Serintemp said...

Hi Laura, I noticed this new hype too. Not only one streamer broadcasts from the game, but with different strategies. One is unreachable, other is searching for volunteers. With this girl I had a luck to "perform" with her live. :D

LauraTWK said...

I hope you enjoyed that treat. I saw her again a few times last week... fucking and sucking on a sex beach. Never with you you though.

Her viewer count was usually around 400-600 until she started getting fucked by her boyfriend and then it would jump to 3200-3600. It quickly dropped back down as soon as he took his dick out of her though...