Friday, 21 January 2022

The joy of insta-cum

You'll have to pardon the pun, but I was totally bummed when I found that my Hush buttplug had died today.

There I was, getting ready to open my Buzz Me room (yes, for the 2nd time this week!) and, not only would my Hush not turn on, but when I tried to charge it, the charging light would not come on. So no, I had not just drained the battery by leaving it turned on last time I used it.

Fortunately, I had my Domi full charged and ready to go so my trusty wand was able to step in to save the day. Normally I would only choose to use my hands free toys for a buzzing session but today seemed like a good time to make an exception to that rule.

I got a pretty decent turn out when I opened up with plenty of peeps dropping by. Quite a few of my guests were up for having a go at controlling my, although a few didn't bother to hang around for their turn, even after rolling to earn some control time. And, one guest in particular, was very pushy, constantly trying to get more rolls than he had paid for and some physical one on one action. Grrrrrrrr. He seemed happy to fuck another one of my guests instead though.

In the end I had a 90 minute window of free time to play and my Domi was buzzing for 40 mins of that, so I was pretty happy with that. Sometimes there can be a lot more downtime between sessions whilst waiting for people to get their shit together and start buzzing me or waiting for guests to actually drop by. 

I also managed to remember to do some room goals this time. We comfortably hit the first goal for my dressing coming off and then, not to long later, also breezed passed the goal for my bra coming off. Good times for my guests then.

Good times for me too as I managed to cum twice. Both of the orgasms were very different but equally enjoyable.

The first literally came out of nowhere. The early control sessions had been pretty intense so I was already very fucking wet. I then had an extended run of being edged by one guest but, as soon as he spiked the power back up towards the end of his time, he inflicted an insta-cum on me. I was completely unprepared for it and it felt amazing.

The second orgasm came right as I wanted to close up. I felt so close to cumming and begged the last guest to give me everything. This one certainly did not catch me by surprise. In fact, I tried my best to help myself get there. Boy, was I humping the shit out of the head of the Domi. I worked hard to get there but it was a huge orgasm when I did! Well worth the effort I put in.

After that orgasm, I was genuinely struggling to function at all while I tried to recover. But it was closing time, so I quickly said my thank yous, closed up and hurried off for a cold shower.

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