Thursday, 20 January 2022

End of a sugary era

And so we have reached the end of the line for Virtual Sugar as event organisers.

Coming full circle, my first experience of a Virtual Sugar event was at the grand opening of the Climax Club and so it is fitting that the Climax Club is where they have said their farewell.

Thinking back to that first Climax Club opening, it was there that I made a Night Out with Laura video that brought me to the attention of the Virtual Sugar staff. From there, I got invited to contribute a movie to each of the Virtual Sugar Porn Cinema screenings. Later, I had the opportunity to have several of my articles included in Virtual Sugar's Sugarmag publication.

A pretty fruitful association for me, for sure. and I'll be sad if we don't get any more issues of Sugarmag. It is head and shoulders above any other magazine produced by the community and I'm not saying that because I featured in it. Quite the opposite actually. I accepted the chance to feature in it because I thought it was so good. Of course, Sugarmag is not an event so if I take their words at face value, that gives me hope that we haven't seen the last of it.

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