Thursday, 20 January 2022

So long and thanks for all the boobs

Welp, in case you have missed it, Virtual Sugar are retiring from the events organising business so last night was the very last Strip N Rock, at least under the Virtual Sugar.

I have spent many a Wednesday evening chilling there. Usually throwing dollar bills at Jess as she gets naked or comparing notes on the last orange chocolate that we've found and sampled. It was also the place where I managed to recruit more than one performer to app in my Try Not To Cum Challenge video.

Anyway, I do hope it is not the last we see of the place.

I sense that that is a sentiment shared by many but, possibly fuelled by the fear of it genuinely being their last opportunity to strut on the famous stage, the place was jam packed with sexy ladies eager to tease and titillate whilst gradually losing their clothes. Obviously, I got some pics of them just in case you couldn't make it along to see them in person.

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