Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Could they make me cum twice?

Finding myself at a loose end last night with no-one around to keep my occupied, I decided to have a very hasty opening of my Buzz Me room. I just kept it low-key and didn't advertise on social media at all. I did set myself a personal challenge of trying to cum twice in the hour that I decided I would stay open for. Maybe a little ambitious with promoting it at all.

Understandably, I only had a few visitors but they were actually all super into buzzing me. Not only did they make use of there one free buzz that ever guest is entitled to, but several of them also purchased as many extra buzzes as I would allow. In most cases, they combined all of the time the rolled in a single, extra long buzzing session.

It's also worth mentioning that this was the first time that I had given control of my Dolce over to any guests. I may have underestimated just how powerful it is because, between it's immense power, the long sessions of non-stop buzzing and the intense way my guests were buzzing me, it did not take long for me to cum.

Well on track to hit my cum target, the intense buzzes continued and I was soon having to replace my drenched towel with a dry one!

But, sadly for me, I did not quite get to cum for a second time. My final controller of the evening decided he wanted to be soft and delicate with me. Don't get me wrong, it still felt wonderful, but it wasn't going to push me over the edge that I was so close to. Despite my encouragement to crank up the power a bit, he was very happy to keep doing what he was doing.

I'm pretty sure one more session would have got me off, even it it was just medium intensity buzzes, but, as the hour approached, I ran out of guests willing to play with me and had to close up while admitting defeat in my personal challenge.

It was still a very enjoyable hour though and my Dolce performed admirably well. By the time I closed up, the battery indicator had just turned red. That may give you some sort of idea of how much high intensity buzzing I was on the receiving end of. Good times...

And, not for the first time, I got so caught up in being pleasured, that I completely forgot to promote and follow through on my room goals for taking of my top and bra. I really do need to do better at remembering to reward my guests for their patronage with some boobies! Sometimes they just don't need that sort of encouragement though...

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