Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Kiss a Ginger Day 2022

Contrary to what some would have you believe, gingers do not lack a soul. And they have not been put on this earth for you to tease and make fun of. They are all human beings with feelings that get hurt by the endless torrent of ignorant and childish jokes that some of them are victim to.

If you are guilty of such meanness then maybe Kiss a Ginger Day is your chance to start making amends. Everyone needs to be shown some love and gingers are no exception to that. You can show a ginger that you know just how special they really are with a quick kiss. It can be a romantic kiss on the lips or it can be a loving kiss on the cheek. The important thing is that it is made with sincerity.

And, if you are a ginger that has been subjected to ridicule based only on the colour of your hair I say this, do not let anyone ever tell you that you are somehow less or inferior because of your vibrant hair. You, and all our other fellow redheads for that matter, are beautiful human beings and anyone who cannot see that should be pitied.

P.S. Please always seek consent before kissing anyone.

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