Tuesday 25 January 2022

Buy me a drink?

If you've ever wanted to buy me a coffee, now you can! Well, kind of. I'll explain...

I've created my very own Throne wishlist which lets my fans send me things from my Amazon wishlist.

And what is top of my Amazon wishlist?

A bag of my most favouritest coffee beans in the whole wide world. Mmmm, I love a delicious mug of Brown Bear Real Coloumbia. Just what I need to get going every morning! And one of these small bags should easily keep me going for a whole week. Way better than juts buying someone a single cup of coffee, for sure.

There are also a few other yummy treats on the list (cos I need all of the orange chocolate) as well as a few sexy essentials for keeping my buzz shows going. You could argue that the yummy treats are also essentials because who doesn't sometimes need some choc to keep them going?

I really don't expect anyone to treat me but you never know! The things on this wishlist are certainly a lot more affordable than what is on my Lovense wishlist which I think will remain untouched forever because they are pretty lavish. But that's fine because I don't expect people to spend money on me. It's just nice to know there are options out there if they decide they do.

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