Sunday, 27 February 2022

Welcome to the Pit

As you have probably noticed by now, I'm always on the lookout for new sex clubs that I can visit to have a good perv, and the latest one that I've come across is the GloryHole Pit.

Right off the bat, I will say that I really like this place. From the outside, it gives the impression of a sleazy and somewhat seedy club but, once you step inside, it is very contemporary whilst still maintaining a hint of sleaze and depravity, I really like the balance that they strike. Thumbs up from me!

The facilities they have a great. Obviously there are gloryholes, and plenty of them. But there is plenty more besides. There are side rooms that are open to the main room so couples can put on a show for others, if they so decide. There are also more private rooms for couples who want some alone time.

For those with certain BDSM proclivities, there are a few devices to strap it to. Or, for those that like to be exhibitionists, there are plenty of stripper poles to twirl round.

For one you are done having fun, there is a bathing and showering area, complete with more gloryholes for if you decide you haven't quite had enough fun after all. And, best of all, no stairs are required to access the upper floor courtesy of the numerous elevators that are conveniently dotted around. With my bad knees, I cannot stress enough how nice it is to not have to use stairs.

However, there is one rather glaring omission from the club; it could really do with a small bar in the main room. Visitors need to be able to stay hydrated and I feel not provided for that is a massive oversight. Bars are also always a great place for strangers to strike up some conversation before moving on to... more energetic activities...

That one missing facility aside, my only disappointment was how quiet it was. The gender representation was also skewed heavily towards guys so, the few of them that were actually there were just waiting around for some women to show up and get with the sucking.

Presumably, as a newly opened club, the word has not spread enough to get the masses in. Hopefully that changes soon and I can visit again whilst the place is in full swing so I can have a good perv.
Fingers crossed!

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