Wednesday 30 June 2021

No spoilers here

It's frustrating that, although I do get the occasional enquiry about whether I would be interested in taking part in a photoshoot, those invites never seem to go anywhere. To illustrate my point, AceX is the only photographer to have ever actually published a shoot that features me. (You can find those on his AceProduction site)

It's a bit of a mystery as to why these things never workout. Maybe it is me. Maybe I'm too difficult or demanding and people change their minds after speaking to me. I mean, I certainly like to be upfront about what I will and won't do, but that is only because experience has taught me that you have to be, otherwise you can easily find your being railroaded into something you aren't comfortable doing.

Whatever the reason, I finally managed to complete a shoot with a photographer other than AceX yesterday. I obviously don't want to spoil the shoot that I did with xAnthonyLx of Royal BBC Productions. I'm sure you will get to see the fruits of our labours soon enough if you follow him on Twitter or are a member of the Virtual Sugar Discord server.

But still, I do want to give you something as a tease, so here's a pre-shoot pic from before we got down to business. The rest, you will just have to wait for.

And if you are a photographer (or movie producer, for that matter) and would like to work with me, please do not be afraid to get in touch. The Follow Me links down the side of my blog give you several ways to contact me and you can also find me lurking in the aforementioned Virtual Sugar Discord server.

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