Monday 30 August 2021

Hands on with my Domi 2

Until now I've focussed on trying out Lovense's wearable toys as the hands free aspect of them is very appealing to me. Despite the recent release of the Quake which I am desperate to try out sooner or later, I feel it is time to try something a little different though.

With that in mind, my latest acquisition from the kind people at Lovense has been the Domi 2 which, in their words, is a "super powerful and long lasting mini wand". Claims that I will be sure to put to the test!

Getting ready to buzz

As per every previous Lovense product that I've tried, it arrives in a plain box that conceals the typically well thought out and stylish packaging within. There's not a whole lot in the box; the toy itself, a USB charging cable and a couple of instruction leaflets. No storage pouch to keep the toy safe this time but that's hardly a deal breaker.

Removing the Domi 2 from its box, I was actually struck by how much weight it had. It is a "mini-wand" so fairly compact but it definitely has some heft to it. That is by no means a bad thing. Knowing the fate of some of my past toys that have felt very light and flimsy, it is reassuring how robust and sturdy the Domi 2 feels.

Lovense Domi 2

So once you've got it unboxed, you'll first want to get it charged up. Lovense says that it can last for 5-6 hours of continuous use. That's pretty impressive stuff but, not surprisingly, that does mean it can take a while to reach full charge. One of the leaflets included says that a 2 hour charge should be expected but mine took a lot less than that. Presumably it arrived with some charge already in it though.

Going solo

So far this may all be very familiar to you if you have read my previous Lovense reviews. However, this is where things start to differ. You see, with the Lush 3 and Hush, I would now be starting to insert them inside myself and I'd be fiddling around with all the features in the app to see what they can do.

That is to say that they are fantastic products in their own right but they are made truly exceptional by the remote play possibilities provided by the app and game integration. Sure, you can control the Lush and Hush using the built-in button on each toy, but I'm not convinced too many people will do that when the app offers so much more.

LauraTWK with Domi 2

The Domi 2, on the other hand, is an exceptional product without the need for any of those extra features. For me, and this might just be personal taste of course, the Domi 2 is at its best when I wanted some solo play; just me and the wand doing our thing together to get me off.

I say this because it is not a wearable toy that you simply put in and let it do its thing. Rather it is a toy that I want to proactively use to explore my erogenous zones, pinpointing particular spots at different moments in response to the pleasure that the wand is giving me. For instance, I may want to hold it against my clit one moment  and in another moment I may feel more like pressing it against my vulva. I can do that as it's all down to me.

For that reason, I love to have complete control over the intensity or pattern that it's vibing me with. Sure, it still feels unbelievable when I have allowed others to take control of me, but being able to proactively match where I'm moving or pressing it to the vibrations I have selected really does get the best out of it in my mind.

The other obvious component to my preference of using it for solo play is that at least one of you hands is going to be occupied holding on to the thing which can make typing messages to your partner more than a little bit challenging to say the least.

Of course, that is not a problem if you have your partner physically with you, in which case they can simultaneously take control of the vibrations you are receiving as well as how and where they are delivered to your body. I imagine that could work similarly well to playing completely solo.

Couples play with Lovense Domi 2

All of that is a very long way of saying that I feel like the Domi 2 is head and shoulders above the other Lovense products that I have tried in terms of giving me as much of the full experience possible without having to worry about whether my phone is close at hand. It is more than capable of giving me the experience I want with just a few clicks of a thumb on the toy that is already in my hand.

A versatile head

And it shouldn't be underestimated how much you can benefit your own experience by being willing to try different things with the wand. The head is beautifully shaped to allow you to really pinpoint specific spots; it's not fat and cumbersome so you can actually be quite nimble with it. Perfect for navigating the intricacies of the vaginal area.

Furthermore, the flexible neck lets you work it in at different angles to ensure that you can hit just about any spot that you are aiming for. Plus, the neck is reinforced so you can really lose yourself in the pleasure without having to worry about the wellbeing of the toy. If you find yourself unable to resist pushing it down hard against your skin, it can take it. It really is pretty sturdy.

That would all count for nought though if the quality of experience provided by the head was in any way subpar. Fear not because the smooth body-safe silicone head delivers all of those pleasure-inducing vibrations perfectly. And, unlike some wands, it won't leave you feeling sore or desensitized down there. You may want to use some lube just to be safe though, in which case make sure you pick a water-based lube as other types may damage the silicone.

The head design also allows for very easy insertion if you are in the mood for some internal stimulation instead. However, if that is what you are after, you may want to consider using the attachment instead but I'll come back to that in a bit.

As powerful as promised

But what about those vibrations that it delivers; are they any good? Fuck yes, they are. I don't think I could be any more emphatic when I say this but my god does this thing pack a punch!. Don't let its compact size deceive you, the Domi 2 is bloody powerful. Perhaps not quite on the level of some mains powered wands but it doesn't feel far off and that is pretty incredible.

It might just be my imagination but it certainly feels to me like it has a much greater range of vibrations compared to the previous Lovense toys I've tried. The Domi 2 features a cutting edge dual rotation motor that doubles how powerful the vibrations can be so that makes me fairly confident that it wasn't just my imagination.

Even on low, the vibrations are deep and rumbly as fuck. As you turn it up, it will absolutely blow your mind. Simply put, you'll want to clear your schedule and lock yourself away in your bedroom for a while when this bad boy comes out to play because it will deliver orgasm after orgasm in no time.

That unbelievable power does come at a cost though and that is the volume of its buzzing. It certainly is not the quietest toy so you may be limited in how discreet you can be when it is buzzing away like crazy. Of course, if you're holding a wand against your clit, you're probably not in a situation where you need to be too subtle. Just be mindful of your neighbours if you have especially thin walls.

Remote play with Domi 2

Looking after your Domi 2

Just one other thing to be aware of; whereas other Lovense products I have tried have been completely  waterproof, the Domi 2 is merely water-resistant. What does that mean? In practical terms, you need to be careful of the charging port on the bottom end of the wand when you are washing it. That shouldn't be a massive bother though as cleaning is super easy with a little warm water or toy cleaner. Just avoid submerging it in the water and you should be OK. And definitely don't get tempted to take it into the shower or bath with you.

I've already touched on the other thing you should be a little careful about and that is to be mindful of what type of lube you use with it. It's something to broadly be aware of with any body-safe silicone products really. A suitable water-based lube is what you want to be using.

A different kind of experience

As mentioned a little earlier, you can use an attachment with the Domi 2. Indeed, there are a pair of attachments available to fit onto the Domi's head; a female attachment for women and a male attachment for men. That's right, the Domi also has something to offer the guys as well. And, what's more, each attachment offers multiple ways to stimulate your body.

The female attachment has the very obvious G-spot stimulator that you can insert inside your pussy to deliver super intense buzzing directly to your G-spot. The G-spot stimulator is augmented by pliable ribbing on the attachment body that will simultaneously offer clitoral stimulation for a blended experience.

From my brief time trying it out, I will say that some of the head's power does get dissipated whilst travelling down the slightly flexible shaft of the stimulator, but if you press the end of it against your G-spot you will still receive a massive dose of highly targeted buzzing which will make you go weak at the knees in no time.

The other two options that the female attachment boosts are perhaps less immediately obvious. Firstly, the sides of the attachment body each have a clitoral brush which is essentially a cluster of soft, flexible nubs that offers an alternative way to please your clit. And the second option is a molded vulva massager on the back of the attachment's body which can provide a broader stimulation across the vaginal area or a gentle tease to replace the Domi's usual brute force.

As for the male attachment, it provides guys with two different ways to pleasure themselves. Again, the most obvious part of the attachment is the prostate stimulator that can be inserted into their butt. On the other side of the male attachment there is a penis stimulator which is a pair of flexible textured arms that can be wrapped around the shaft of the cock to deliver intense vibrations while stroking it up and down the shaft.

If either of those sound appealing to you, be aware that they do need to be purchased separately. I cannot comment on the value of the male attachment but I found the female attachment to be a  worthwhile add-on. If you don't already have a G-spot stimulator, it's definitely worth considering. If you already have a Lush though, you could probably give it a miss unless you are intrigued by one of the other types of stimulation it offers.

Lovense Domi 2 Attachment

Beyond the attachments, I do have one other suggestion for if you really do need to go hands free with the Domi. If you already own a sex pillow or wedge that has an opening to fit toys into, there's no reason why you couldn't use it with your Domi 2. I must admit, I do quite like the sound of being able to grind away on the head of my Domi. Maybe something to try in the future...

App integration

OK, so I know that I said that the Domi 2 is less reliant on the app but please don't get me wrong by thinking that I'm saying the app is not worth playing with. Far from it. If you have tried the app with any other Lovense product, all of the usual features are available, meaning it is bursting with a near limitless supply of patterns that you can try out on yourself.

You can also have fun with some of the slightly more quirky features, such as having the intensity of the vibrations respond to the music that you are listening to on your phone or to the noises that the app picks up from your phone's mic. In other words, the louder you moan, the harder it fucks you!

If real-time control by a random stranger is more your thing, then I'd suggest you head over to the Lovense Discord server where there is a channel dedicated to the control link feature. Simply drop your control link URL in the channel and then wait for one of the other server members to click and take control of you. Be warned that it can get quite frantic when a new link appears as everyone desperately tries to be the first to click it.

I do also love one feature of the app that is unique to the Domi 2 though; you can pick the colour of the light ring on the body of the toy which pulses to give a visual representation of the vibrations being unleashed on you. I know it doesn't enhance my pleasure in any way, shape or form but I love it anyway. And if you are wondering, I have mine set to red. Who would have thought it?

In closing

That's just about all I have to say about the Domi 2 at the moment. I fucking love it but especially for when I'm in the mood for some solo play. It may be small but it is astonishingly powerful yet nimble.

Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely!

But ultimately, it comes down to what you are looking for in a toy. What I love about Lovense is that they are very smart with their product selection. Instead of filling their store with a plethora of different products, they have a relatively small number of products but each one offers something different and perfectly fills a role within their portfolio. The right tool for each job, as they say.

In the case of the Domi 2, that role is powerful clitoral stimulation and you will struggle to find anything else out there that offers such a great combination of intense power from a compact, wireless wand with unrivalled app support.

If this review has left you wanting to add a Domi 2 to your toy collection, head over to the Lovense store to order now!

Virtual sex with Lovense Domi 2

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