Friday 4 August 2023

Sorry Steph, I couldn't resist...

What would you normally expect to happen when you are at a house party and the hostess gets called away, leaving all her guests unattended? If my Friday night is anything to go by, I reckon you probably don't want to find out through personal experience.

OK, let me rewind back to the beginning of my evening...

It was a pleasant, if not slightly too humid for my liking, summer afternoon and I found myself at somewhat of a loose end. What's more, I've generally been feeling a bit down in the dumps and blue recently. That would be the reason why you've maybe noticed me not posting as much as of late.

Anyway, what better pick me up is there, than seeing the week out with a good old fashioned house party? And, as luck would have it, the lovely Stef was hosting one. Not only that, but she was kicking things off at a dangerously early hour which would give guests plenty of time to drink far too much. 

Knowing the sort of horny people that we associate with, that amount of time to party would be sure to lead to some sexy hijinks that I could sneak some photos of. With my inspiration being lacking whilst I'd been feeling down, this was the best idea I could muster to give me something to post for you to enjoy.

Upon arrival, it was pretty quiet. A few couples making out in corners and a few people drinking. That was about it really. Steph speculated that maybe her choice of music was not to the taste of others. I found it quite inoffensive though, even thought I wouldn't say that it was my jam.

With not much going on, and this being my first visit to Steph's apartment, I busied myself with having a little nose around and scoffing some pizza whilst I waited for things to pick up and get naughty. 

And I must say that she has a great apartment. I actually got a little jealous of it. It's just the sort of place that I'd love to have as a second home for when I want to spend some time in the city instead of being stuck on my island. I mean, as lovely as my island is, it is a bit in the middle of nowhere which can make it a little lonely at times. But back to the story...

Things remained fairly quite so, after having a good mooch, I decided to kill time by taking some photos of Steph whilst she boogied to the playlist that she had pumping out of her speakers. I mean, she is one of the most gorgeous models around so that's got to be some good content for someone who is struggling to come up with anything got at the moment, right?

I think I got some good photos which I'll post at some point, but my photography had to be put on hold when she was abruptly called away on a work matter. I guess someone was struggling to balance their books and they needed her expert accounting skills to bail them out.

Which is to say, the party was cancelled and I was left to look after her place whilst the remaining few guests made their way out. Except some of them didn't get the memo and kept going even after she had hurried out the door.

Since things had been quite sedate and no-one had got rowdy yet, I hung around to keep an eye on the place as the numbers slowly dwindled until there was just a few of us left; a couple making out on Steph's and then me and some random guy who had decided to keep me company at the bar while I waiting for that pair to finish up and head home.

Eventually they were done and sheepishly made their way out the door upon realising that, not only had we been waiting for them to go, but that we'd been watching them the whole time. Let's just say it was a bit awkward when we made eye contact with them as they emerged from the bedroom door which they had left wide open. And then there were just two...

Somehow, I'm not quite sure how really, he'd managed to talk me into doing a few shots with him to kill time. I don't normally drink so they were more than enough to get me a little tipsy. As I leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek as thanks for keeping me company, I missed my aim and planted a kiss square on his lips. 

Probably thinking that I was making a move on him, he reciprocated by kissing me back as he embraced my body. Being a little tipsy, I wasn't really thinking about it so I just went with it. I mean, who doesn't like a bit of a drunken make out session, right?

Things escalated quickly from there though. Very quickly!

It's all a little hazy, but I remember that one moment he had his tongue half way down my throat, and then the next moment, he was shoving his dick inside me having just bent me over the breakfast bar and tugged off my skirt and panties.

When I think about it now, it kind of feels like I was perhaps a little bit taken advantage of but I'm confident that I could have put a stop to things at any moment If I had really wanted him to stop. It's been quite a while since I've had a cock inside so I really wasn't complaining. To be fair, I was probably encouraging him.

Despite being a little tipsy and very much enjoying him furiously pummelling me from behind, I was acutely conscious of how exposed I felt. I mean, I was being fucked by some random guy in the middle of my friend's apartment, and she could return at any moment. And we would be in full view of the door as she walked through it, which I kept finding myself nervously looking towards.

In my slightly drunk wisdom, I figured that it would be better to take it to the bedroom to at least give us a chance to make ourselves decent if we heard Steph get home. In hindsight, I don't know if it she would have preferred to find us fucking on her bed instead. At the time, it seemed the better option though.

Plus, her bed was one of things that I had very enviously looked at whilst mooching earlier. Which is a polite way of saying that I thought that it would be a great bed to fuck on and had been picturing myself doing exactly that while watching that couple being amorous on it. Perhaps that is exactly what I'd been hoping would happen all along...

So I led my random guy to Steph's bedroom (I literally forgot to ask him his name so don't ask me to identify him by anything more specific than as some random guy) and gleefully hopped on to her bed. Moments later he was on top of me with his tongue down my throat again.

Once more, kissing rapidly progressed to fucking. There was not even the slightest hint of foreplay first beyond the quick bout of kissing. Just straight to the fucking again..

To be fair, I didn't need any warming up before taking his cock. I was already wet as fuck. I think it was one of those situations when you don't realise how badly you need to get laid until it actually happens. If the tsunami of pussy juice gushing from me was anything to go by, I needed it real bad. (Steph, if you are reading this, sorry for the wet bed sheets)

Pinning me to my friend's bed, he drove the full length of his fuck stick into me again and again. If Steph had walked through the door, there's no way we would have heard her over my screams of pleasure. They quickly reached a crescendo as his fat cock made me cum hard. If I have ever cum faster during sex, I don't remember it. And it was so intense. 

I didn't want that feeling to end but the wave of pleasure soon started to subside. However, with Steph still not home, there was no reason we couldn't keep going, especially since only one of us had cum so far.

Wriggling out from underneath him, I encouraged him to lie on his back so I could ride on top of him. My wet cunt offered no resistance whatsoever as his cock parted my pussy lips and slid back inside me.

My palms flat on his chest, I braced myself as I aggressively gyrated my hips back and forth, my ass slapping against his thighs at the apex of each thrust forward.

He responded very positively to my energetic fucking. His hands spread wide across my butt cheeks, squeezing them tightly. As I settled into a regular rhythm, he mimicked by grinding, pulling me sharply forward each time I slammed my hips towards him and then relaxing his grip slightly as I pushed my butt back again ready for another thrust.

As good as aggressively grinding on his cock felt, and let me tell you, it felt really good, that alone wasn't going to make me cum again. I needed a bit of in and out action to help make that happen.

Pushing myself up onto my feet, I struggled to keep my balance while squatting in my high-heeled boots. It was at this point that it occurred to me how rude and disrespectful it had been of me to have still been wearing them on Steph's bed. Realising my faux pas, I pulled one off and tossed it aside before doing likewise with the other.

Now, with a more solid base to work from, I enthusiastically bounced up and down the whole length of his rock hard shaft. Each time I pushed myself up, his cock would emerge from my cunt more and more cream covered with each bounce. 

Also, a quick side point; it turns out Steph's has a very springing mattress. One which is perfect for this sort of exuberant fucking. I feel sorry for whoever lives in the apartment below her though. I'm sure they would have heard every single bounce through the floorboards. Especially on the occasions when I was bouncing so hard that we actually made the legs of the bed shift slightly across the floor.

Possibly sensing that I was close to cumming again, probably because of how creamy I was making his cock, my nameless partner did his best to ram his cock up inside me as I was bouncing. I think he was struggling to get a decent range of motion though.

So he pushed himself upright, sliding me up onto his knees, and really started slamming his manhood inside me. This new position also allowed me to wrap my arms around him to get some good leverage as I was fucking him right back. Just to be sure, his hands were gripping my ass tightly again, pulling me down hard onto his dick, my ass slapping loudly against his thighs.

With both of us fucking going for it, it took no time at time to make me cum again. I was amazed that he did join me in climaxing as well. He was displaying some good stamina. I was sure that he must have been close though. It was only a matter of time.

I needed a moment to catch my breath after orgasm number two. He took that as an opportunity to spin my trembling body round. Before I knew it, he was back inside me again. It seemed that he was intent on finishing how he started things; by pounding me from behind.

His throbbing cock rammed me from behind time and time again as his body clapped against my ass. The forceful insertion of his member pushed a never ending flow of my pussy juice out as it streamed down my inner thighs and soaked into the already drenched bedsheets. (Steph, I really am so sorry about that!)

Whereas I had been wailing and screaming before, now all I could muster were grunts, each and every time his body hit against mine. Perhaps they were not the most attractive or lady-like sounds that I was making, or perhaps he was worried about Steph finally getting back and walking in on us, but he did his best to mute my sex noises by covering my mouth.

I could now hear his grunts and moans much clearer, and they were telling me that he was getting close to cumming. Thoughts raced through my head about how hot it would be to let him cum inside me and let our creams mix in a sexy orgasm-flavoured cocktail.

Look, I know that it might have been a bit shitty of me to fuck some random guy in my friend's bed, soaking her bedsheets with my pussy juices in the progress, but I really didn't want to leave any cum stains. Semen is such a persistent stain, making it a royal pain in the arse to get out.

I don't know if that was why I was so much more bothered by the idea of that compared to everything else I had already done, but as Mr No Name mumbled something about not being able to hold his cum any longer, I leapt from the bed, pulling him with me.

It was just in the nick of time. Two strokes of his cock with my hand later and he erupted all of my face. A series of ropes of cum blasted across me. Each one a sizable shot in its own right. Some went in my mouth. Some across my cheek. Some even made it as far as getting in my hair. It went fucking everywhere. Everywhere, except on Steph's sheets, that is.

It wasn't until the 4th or 5th creamy squirt that the cumshots started to diminish in volume and power. It must have been about 8 before the last shot oozed out. I held my tongue out to catch it as it dribbled from his pee hole.

As he took a moment to compose himself, I glanced out of the bedroom door. To my shock, we were no longer alone in the apartment. 

I braced myself to receive a tongue lashing from Steph for what I had done. It was not until I'd wiped the cum from glasses to allow me to see clearer, that I could make out that it was her!

I suppose the couple who we had earlier been waiting for to leave, hadn't closed the door properly behind them and someone who hadn't gotten the memo that the party was cancelled had been able to let themselves in. All of a sudden, I was on the other end of the earlier awkwardness of making eye contact with someone who had been watching us fuck. Just like I had been with them earlier on in the evening.

I frantically grabbed for my clothes to get dressed again. There was a problem though. The new guest was perched on the stool that I had been bent over a little earlier when my partner tore my skirt and panties off. And there they were, still lying on the floor by her feet. Shit...

Not wanting to do a walk of shame over to her to collect them, I formulated an alternate plan; we'd just wait it out in the bedroom until she gets bored and leaves and hope that Steph doesn't return in the meantime.

Doing my best not to acknowledge the prying eyes that were watching us, I dragged my guy back onto the bed with me to engage in a very sticky make out session. I sure hope he doesn't mind the taste of his own cum, because my lips were covered in it. I may have also passed some into his mouth that I had caught on my tongue when he discharged the contents of his balls on to me a few moments before.

Every few minutes, I would adjust our position and use that as an opportunity to glance across in her direction. I was starting to get worried that my plan would be a miserable failure when I saw that she now had company. Double shit...

The arrival of this second stranger may have in fact been a blessing. Next time I managed to get a quick look, they were both gone. Presumably to find somewhere private to mimic the filthy fun that at least one of them had just witnessed.

Alone again, I dashed out to grab my rogue clothes. Scooping up my skirt, I frantically searched for my panties. I know that they had been there before. I had glimpsed them when I had first become aware of our observer. She must have taken them with her!

But still, I reassured myself that it was no biggie if the only evidence of my deeds were that I had to go commando for the rest of the evening. It was the perfect crime, in fact. If Steph came home now, she would be none the wiser unless I flashed her a view between my legs.

A few minutes later, I was joined by my partner who was also now fully dressed. There was definitely, absolutely no evidence left now as we casually sat at the breakfast bar as if nothing had happened. Or so I thought. The cum around my mouth and stuck in my hair would certainly have been a little bit of a give away. It's amazing the things that you can be oblivious to when you've had a few shots.

After letting out a bug yawn, the guy finally said his farewells and made his way out the door. He could have had the decency to point out the cum that I was still wearing on my face but apparently he couldn't be bothered with that. I guess he'd now gotten what he'd come to the party for and no longer cared enough to do me a solid. Motherfucker! Maybe that was his payback for me not asking his name...

With there was still no sign of Steph (perhaps trying to do accounting after swigging from a bottle of wine is not the best idea) and myself now starting to yawn uncontrollably, I crashed out on her couch until she came home. (and yes, I remembered to remove my boots this time)

I thought it would be rude if she came home to find someone else asleep in her bedroom. It's funny how a drunken mind can rationalise something like sleeping her bed as being worse than catching me fucking in but whatever.

Oh, also there was that massive wet patch in the middle of it, which I definitely wouldn't want to have to sleep in. 

Oh shit, the wet patch...

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