Friday 2 February 2024

Naked working

I may have taken Working Naked Day a bit far this year...

There's no need to bore you with another explanation about how the notion of Working Naked Day is more about promoting the benefits of working from home and being aware of how so many offices have been left devoid of occupants due to brutal amounts of lay-offs. 

Instead, I'll just share with you how I decided to bring more awareness to the day by literally being naked while getting some work done today. The twist being that I grabbed my laptop and headed to a local coffee shop, the lovely Cafe Fika.

You don't need to point out to me how working in a public place kind of defeats the point of promoting a day about working from home, but you know what.... fuck it!

That said, Cafe Fika was rather empty today so you could say that it is thematically appropriate because the secondary point of the day does relate to offices being so empty that you might as well be naked because there are so few people still around that you aren't actually going to get caught in the buff.

In my case, I was only sharing the space with a solitary staff member who must have been so confused about what she was seeing and one other remote worker, who, not very surprisingly decided to pick the seat immediately next to me and probably didn't get much work done with the amount of side eye he was giving me. 

I, on the other had, was super productive with my time spent there. The feeling of being free and liberated allowed me to focus all of my energies on get what I need to do done.

In hindsight, maybe sitting at a desk by the window was maybe a bit too bold though. Whilst there were only those couple people in my actual presence, it maybe didn't occur to me that everyone who was walking or driving down the street outside would also have caught a glimpse of my bare bod in all its glory. 

Honestly, maybe this wasn't the best way to celebrate Working Naked Day. But hey; at least no-one called the cops on me for exposing myself!

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