Thursday 19 January 2017

So, for the last few weeks, LoveHoney have been sending me offer emails at least every other day and I’ve ignored the lot of them. However, the subject of yesterday’s mail really caught my eye with a whooping 70% off selected items. I figured it was worth a look.

Having never owned one before, I decided now was the time to buy, not one, but two lovely looking strap-ons - one in each of my favourite colours. They were complete bargains so could I possibly say no?! And thanks to the wonders of next day delivery, they have arrived already for me to try om

Anyways, now I need a victim to test them out on. Wait… did I say victim? I meant volunteer. So guys, please form an orderly queue if you want to get pegged. The only requirement is a willingness to get fucked in the ass. Oh, and don’t worry guys, I raided Amanda's apartment, so I have an abundance of lube.

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