Wednesday, 3 May 2017

What do you most look for when choosing a partner to have sex with?What's most important to you?

I’m not looking for relationships or attachment so I avoid anyone who wants that. It has to absolutely be no strings attached. The friends with benefits thing always gets messy so that rules friends out too.

Anyone who is pushy or tries to touch me without invitation will just piss me off so they also have no chance (and trust me, if I want to be touched, I will make it very obvious, otherwise take the hint). So that really just leaves me looking for someone that wants to have a bit of one-off fun and take it no further than that.

For the time we spend together, they have to be conscious that there are two people involved and be receptive to my needs as well as their own. I don’t want someone who will try to dominate me but equally I don’t want someone who is just a passenger along for a ride. Both us us should contribute just as much to the experience as the other.

Oh, and guys only (sorry ladies).

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