Saturday, 2 December 2017

Don’t you just love happy accidents! It turns out that I forgot to cancel my online EuroMillions ticket a few years ago and I’ve been playing it all this time. I only found out when I got an unexpected email saying that I had just won a triple rollover jackpot!

Now, rather than being careful to look after my new found wealth, I immediately spent the lot on a quaint little island retreat. Actually, I managed to spend all of the money before I had finish furnishing all of the rooms so that home gym that I really wanted is going to be a bit empty for a while until I can save some more money. And that means don’t come begging for any handouts cos I’ve got nothing left to handout!

On the plus side, one of the rooms that I did manage to finish (except for a lick of paint) was the guest room, so I can start renting that out on Airbnb to raise some more cash.

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