Saturday 2 June 2018

Laura's Sexcapades at Glory Holes and Colds (3/3)

Part 3 / 3

Now that I had cum hard, it was now his turn. As he continued to enthusiastically thrust into me, I asked him to cum inside me. But he had other ideas…

Pulling out of me, he grabbed my ankles and rose to his feet. Holding my feet close together he starts thrusting his cock between them. My first ever footjob!

As the lust started to overcome him, he ripped my stockings off and fucked my feet harder and faster. I eagerly awaited the moment that he could contain himself no longer and spray me with his cum.

His grunts grew louder and more frequently but still he did not cum. Again, he had other ideas… He asked me to fuck him from behind once more. He wanted to jerk himself off and cum whilst being fucked in the ass.

I obliged, of course, and having coated the strap-on with another mouthful of drool, I resumed my earlier fucking. He urged me to go as hard and deep as I could. Again, I obliged and gripping him by his hips, repeatedly rammed the strap-on as deep as I could. The satisfying sound of his ass slapping against me was intoxicating.

And then a grunt and a judder. He blew his load all over my thighs and the bed. He spasmed again and again. Each time another shot of cum. So much cum!

Having finally exhausted his reserves of cum, he slumped onto the bed and I withdraw my strap-on from his ass. I urged him to his feet and wrapped my lips around his cock to suck out any last drops of cum that may have remained.

At the touch of my lips, he juddered once more and spurted one last shot into my mouth. Proud of managing to milk a little bit of extra cum from him, I lent back, opened my mouth wide to show off my prize and then swallowed it down. Yummy.

We both them flopped back to the cum-soaked bed to take a moment to recover from our exploits. Our composure regained, we got dressed, shared a kiss on the cheek and then went our separate ways as two very happy satisfied people.

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