Saturday 2 June 2018

Laura's Sexcapades at Glory Holes and Colds (2/3)

Part 2 / 3

With his ass now feeling sufficiently compliant, I reached over and grabbed the waiting strap-on. With no lube available, I drooled into my hand and spread it along the length of the strap-on. I then tentatively pressed the head against his ass and gingerly eased it in.

Despite my previous efforts, his ass was still resistant to the strap-on so I pulled out. I probed his ass with my tongue making sure to leave plenty of saliva behind.

I then carefully tried inserting the strap-on again, This time his ass was more willing. I gave him half the length and gently started to get into a rhythm of moving back and forth. His moans and grunts were a mixture of pleasure and discomfort but he urged me to go deeper. And then deeper still.

Simultaneously, I pleasured myself. Tossing my bra aside, I rubbed and squeezed my tits with one hand whilst the other found it’s way to my ass. Not content with just fucking his ass, I slipped a finger into my own ass and fingered that as well.

As his moans grew more intense, I finally allowed him to take the full length of my strap-on. I sacrificed pleasuring myself to resume stroking his cock. As some pre-cum oozed from the head, I withdrew and shuffled back down between his lets. Wrapping my lips around the head of his cock, I licked up all of his pre-cum.

I gestured for him to roll over and i rimmed his ass with my tongue as he stuck it up in the air. Leaving it suitably lubed up with by saliva, I entered him once more. This time my sense of caution was gone and i quickly began fucking him hard and deep. He begged me for more but now it was my turn to receive…

I lay on my back and spread my legs for him. He slide up between them and entered me. His cock plunged in and out of my wet pussy while his fingers circled around on my clit. I was soon right back to the edge of a mind blowing climax.

I put an arm around his neck and pulled him down closer to me. As I kissed him passionately, I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in closer still. He was fucking me so hard and deep. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I screamed as he got me off. I tensed and quivered, then went limp while I took a moment to compose myself.

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