Saturday 2 June 2018

Laura's Sexcapades at Glory Holes and Colds (1/3)

Part 1 / 3

I must have been super tired this afternoon because while I was sat on a bench watching the world go by, I must have nodded off. When I awoke, I found that I had been left a note from a mysterious stranger saying that I should meet him under the glory holes if I wanted to have some fun with a strap-on.

Feeling both intrigued and mischievous, there was no way I could resist finding out more. So I went to find this stranger and, sure enough, I found him exactly where the note had said.
Our eyes meet for a moment before he looked away, I followed his gaze and, as promised in the note, there was a strap-on waiting for me. He looked back to me and as mutual nods of the head were exchanged, it was clear that this was going to happen…

I moved close to him and began dancing seductively. Before long, my top was off and flung to the far side of the room. My panties followed shortly after but, as they fell to the floor, I caught them on the end of my foot and offered them up to the stranger. He gratefully accepted them.

I shuffled closer as if to kiss him but instead popped the button on his shorts and tugged them off. The massive bulge in his pants was too much to resist. I started rubbing his already rock hard cock through his pants before sliding my hand down inside them to give it a proper stroke. He gleefully wiggled out of his pants to give me full access to his manhood and I allowed him to kiss me deeply.

He then rolled me over on to my back and worked his lips down my body to my anticipating pussy. His tongue flicked and probed as I softly moaned with approval. Then a finger. Then two fingers. He expertly worked on my pussy until he brought me to the edge of climaxing.

Not wanting to cum yet, I rolled off the couch and teasingly walked to the nearby bed. Looking back over my shoulder, I beckoned him to join me. I pushed him gently back on the bed and kissed him once more while jerking his hard cock.

I then shuffled down between his legs and pleasured him with my tongue. It flicked back and forth across the head of his cock before moving up and down the length of his shaft. Finally, his balls received similar attention.

As our eyes meet again, I sucked on my finger and then teased it around his ass hole. He nodded and I carefully eased it into his ass. His ass was reluctant at first but soon started to accept my finger. I added a second. Both went all the way in. He was loving every moment of it…

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