Friday 1 February 2019

Amanda's hidden sex dungeon

Amanda owns a very nice island, the centrepiece of which is her house that is based on some fancy building in mainland Europe. Maybe the Netherlands? I can't remember...

Anyways, the other night I decided to take a stroll around the outskirts of the island and, much to my surprise, I came a cross a strange concrete structure that I'd never seen before. From the outside it kind of resembled a bunker, My curiosity piqued, I went in search of, and eventually found, an entrance to let me explore inside.

Oh my...

It seems that Amanda has been hiding a kinky sex dungeon with all sorts of sex machines.

Clearly, this is somewhere that she dabbles in pure, unadulterated filth and this was definitely something worth documenting. Unfortunately I couldn't locate the light so the pictures came a light dark (I did find one switch that I thought was for the lights but pressing just made one of the sex machines start making a buzzing sound so I hurriedly turned it off again). Actually probably a good thing your can't see some of those machines very well, because it might traumatise sensitives peeps. Pure filth!

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