Sunday 16 June 2019

Laura's Sexcapades on Monkey Island

Whilst I was taking a break from the treasure hunting (all that exploring can get tiring, you know), I was approached by a rather bedraggled looking man. He courteously introduced himself as one of Monkey Island's resident cannibals. Apparently they're minor celebs round these parts...

He informed me of his intent to eat my flesh and ordered me to follow him inside the nearby monkey head so he could perform the appropriate ritual to prepare me for consumption. Not sure what else I could do, I did as instructed...

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But then I had a brainwave. I dropped my bikini bottoms and enquired if, rather than eating my flesh, would he be interested in eating my my pussy instead? 

I guess the Monkey Island cannibals aren't big on foreplay because he had no idea what I was talking about. I explained and, after some persuasion, he reluctantly agreed to give it a try, but only on the condition that if he didn't like it, he could eat me as he had planned.

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Success! He found the taste of my pussy most agreeable and took to the task of getting me off with much gusto. Considering it was his first ever attempt at going down on a woman, he did a fairly decent job. I mean, he still has plenty to learn about pleasing a woman but there appears to be some natural talent there for him to work with.

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I know this was all just a desperate ploy to keep my flesh on my bones, but as I saw the sizeable bulge developing in his trunks, I couldn't help but release his hard-on. I justified it to myself by thinking that if I could satisfy him as well, it was another reason for him to let me live.

So I slide down his trunks and gulped down his cock. To be honest, it was pretty gross. They obviously don't have any self-hygiene standards on Monkey Island. But nevertheless, I forced myself to do what I needed to do to survive.

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Thankfully, he blew his load super quick. Normally that would be a huge disappointment but in this case it was a relief. I was caught completely by surprise so I unwillingly took a mouthful of cum which I promptly spat out. I couldn't wait to get home to give my mouth a proper rinse with mouthwash. Assuming he was going to let me go that was...

And then the most unexpected thing happened... He actually made me cream all over his tongue as he was licking me out! Who would have thought it?! Definitely some natural talent there. Just a shame about the completely lack of self-hygiene and self-grooming.

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So in the end it all turned out OK. He enjoyed it so much that he was true to his word and let me go completely unharmed with all of my flesh intact! I quickly ran away as fast as my little legs would carry me just in case he changed his mind. That said, I think he may have come round to the fact that eating pussy is much more enjoyable for everyone concerned than eating human flesh.

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