Thursday, 17 October 2019

In Breasts We Trust 3

I will champion breast cancer awareness all day long but it makes my blood boil when people try to piggy back off the cause just so they can get a cheap event out of it.

I desperately want to give organisers the benefit of the doubt but time and time again they demonstrate that they have absolutely zero interest in doing anything to promote breast cancer awareness. Unless they genuinely believe that there are people out there that don't know that cancer is a thing and just by having an event that mentions it in the name, that that will make a difference.

Of course, that is complete bullshit.

We all know cancer exists. We know that breast cancer exists. We know that it is one of the biggest killers in the developed world. Saying that your event is in support of breast cancer awareness and then leaving it at that achieves nothing. And the lack of effort in trying to achieve something betrays how insincere these event really are. All it does is make punters suspicious of genuine events that do try to achieve something. So they are in fact harming the cause because it makes people not want to hear the message.

In Breasts We Trust is a classic example of this. Zero effort put into promoting what breast cancer awareness is all about. Just a poster advertising the event. No supporting material. No explanation of what breast cancer awareness involves, No links to learning resources. Just a cheap cash in on the cause. But don't worry, at least there is a DJ schedule. Talk about having completely the wrong priorities. And on the subject of DJs, the fucking DJ is dressed all in blue for a breast cancer event. Seriously, what the fuck?! It just proves that the people involved really do not give a shit about what they are supposedly showing support for.

And then there is the crass name of the  event. I mean, its just horrible. I guess that pretty much sums up this shitty event. It just makes my blood boil so much.

10 minutes there and I couldn't stomach staying there a second longer. I really wanted my preconception of what this event was going to be to be proven wrong but it was sadly very predictable that that was never going to happen. Its an insult to those of us that actually try to make a difference.

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