Thursday 25 March 2021

Metallica Tribute Night

Mulan has owned or DJed at many clubs over the years and I've always been a fan of her rock nights. Her Headbanger's Ball was a highlight back in the day, as well as her guest appearances at Angels of Desire. So I can't really explain why it has been so long since I've caught one of her sets. I literally can't remember the last one. Very strange.

It was about time that was put right so a Metallica Tribute Night at her latest clubs, Wet Angels, left me with absolutely no excuse not to have a rock out to some of her tunes. That said, it did somewhat clash with some others things that I had going on so I was only able to catch the last 40 or so minutes. That was still more than enough to enjoy some classic Metallica tunes though. \m/

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