Wednesday, 24 March 2021

All about the butt

This week's excuse for stopping by the Virtual Sugar Escort Club was that I wanted to capture some very specific film footage for my next naughty movie project. To be more exact, I wanted to to get some footage of Jess gyrating and wiggling her beautiful butt.

And, knowing that she regularly she does exactly that at Virtual Sugar Escort Club, I thought to myself that there would be no better time or place to catch her in the act. I was not disappointed, getting exactly what I wanted and a little more besides, which may actually come in very unexpectedly handy for that project.

I still need some more footage of her for this project but, again, I have something very specific in mind that the Escort Club wasn't suitable for. I think that left Jess a little disappointed as she eagerly suggested that we take her husband into one of the backrooms to get that shot. Soon Jess, soon...

Actually, not sure which would have been the bigger let down. That she had to wait to get filmed fucking her husband or that she didn't need to take her panties off for the butt shots that I did film.

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