Sunday 17 October 2021

Did someone forget to pay the bills?

I fancied going for a swim this afternoon. Only problem was that my usual gym was not open. But in a fortunate quirk of fate, another gym that I had never visited before was open instead. How lucky!

When I pulled up to park in front, I was staggered by the row of expensive supercars that I was parking next to. Surely, that would mean that Pounder's Gym is one hell of a gym?

Well, it was fine. Pretty standard really. Apart from one small detail...

As mentioned, I went with the intention of having a swim but as I waded into the shallow end, the water level never got passed the bottom of my thighs. Even as I got all the way to the deep end, it was barely (and I really do mean barely) passed my knees!

I guess they have been using all their revenue to pay for fancy cars instead of paying their water bills. Either that or it had sprung a leak somewhere. So much for having a swim...

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