Thursday 28 October 2021

A very unexpected train run

OK, where to start...

Well, my intention was to write about how one of my favourite places for getting naughty, the Masturbation Party, has had a facelift and become the Sex and Masturbation Palace and to go into some details about the interesting new additions. 

But I think that will have to wait. Why? Because I reckon you are all going to be far more interested in what I got up to whilst scoping out the various changes. No prizes for guessing where this is going...

I'll just cut to the chase, shall I? After having a quick mooch around the new, rather more gothic-looking palace, I joyfully stripped down to my underwear to indulge in a spot of communal masturbation with all of the other guests.

The palace was not too busy so I had plenty of choice about where to settle in to play with myself. The spot I choose was immediately opposite the room host. I figured that I've had so much fun in his room during the past year, that it was only fair that I show some gratitude by letting him watch me. His cock visibly stiffened as I spread my legs and began touching myself.

Somehow, I don't think watching each other masturbate was quite enough for either of us though. Daringly, I slithered down from my couch and crawled across the floor towards him. As I got closer, I could see the pre-cum starting to ooze from the tip of his rock hard cock. It looked so tasty.

Inching closer and closer to him, his cock was now right in front of my face. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to taste his pre-cum.

I moved closer still. His cock was now right there in front of my mouth. My lips parted and my tongue quickly flicked across the head of his cock. Hi pre-cum tasted good. I wanted to taste it some more.

His cock twitched as my tongue ran round his head, spiralling down to the top of his shaft and than back up to the very tip. With all of his sticky pre-cum licked up and now safely collected in my mouth, I swallowed it down. Yummy!

My tongue then began running up and down the sides of his still-twitching cock. Sometimes, as I reached the base, I would take a moment to lick and suck on his balls. Every time I did so, he would let out an audible moan of pleasure. 

Some moans would be accompanied by another release of pre-cum. Every time, I would quickly run my tongue all the way up his shaft and scope all of the sticky goodness up into my mouth before swallowing it down.

But I had teased him long enough know. My instincts told me that he was gagging to feel the touch of my soft, moist lips around his throbbing manhood. I was more than happy to oblige of course. Climbing up onto the couch, I wrapped my lips around him, forming a tight seal, and began bobbing my head. More moans from him.

His hands pushed lightly down on the back of my head, encouraging me to swallow him deeper and deeper. Closing my eyes, I offered no resistance, letting his cock slide down my throat until it almost entirely disappeared from sight. I held myself there, gamefully resisting the overwhelming urge to gag on it.

And then an unexpected sensation... a warm sticky feeling on the back of my legs. Opening my eyes as I came up for some air, there was another guy stood over me. A look of satisfaction on his face as he slowly stroked hi cock, I glanced down and could see that he had emptied his balls onto me. He was quite apologetic but I assured him it was quite alright.

With me having momentarily disengaged my mouth from his cock to speak to this other guy, my host slide down on to the floor. Leaning his head back against the couch, he asked to taste my pussy.

I carefully straddled his head and then slowly lowered my pussy towards his face. Even before I was quite in rnage of his tongue, I felt his warm breathe making me tingle every time he exhaled.And then his tongue felt its way in between my moist pussy lips. I gasped and quickly sat completely on his face.

It felt like I was smothering his face with my crotch but he took full advantage of being deep in there to fully explore my sensitive areas with his tongue. Muffled moans came from between my legs as he enjoyed tasting my wetness.

Casting a glance over my shoulder, I could see three other guys watching us. All were completely naked and pleasuring themselves whilst watching us. Seeingthem enjoying the sight of me being licked out just made me get even wetter.

As he became endangered of drowning in my readily flowing pussy juices, my host squirmed out from under me to get some air. I turned round, lifting one leg up to rest it on the side of the couch, I was spread wide open for him feast on my lucious cunt.

Concentrating his attention on teasing my clit, he expertly licked and nibbled on me. It felt delightful as I quickly became lost in the pleasure. I closed my eyes and lay back as he went to work.

As I lay there, his hands started exploring more and more of my body. I felt my body go weak as they slide up my inner thighs. They then slide under me to squeeze my firm, round butt. Instinctively, I raised my hips to lift my bum up for him. 

Would he tease my tight light butthole whilst gorging himself on my clit? Alas no. Instead he slide his figners inside my other hole. My wet cunt was so well lubricated by my juices that there was zero resistance as it swallowed two of his fingers. I let out my loudest moan yet as he curled them up right onto my G-spot. I was in heaven and now on the verge orgasming.

Perhaps I was a little too rough as I became consumed by the pleasure but I grab his head and pressed it hard into to crotch. And then my body started to tense. I screamed with delight as a wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over my whole body. I juddered violently as I struggled to contain the ecstacy of cumming before going limp as the delimrium subsided. 

My host, now with a very wet face, craddled me as I took a few minutes to recover. It was, of course, my intention to fully repay the favour and make him cum as well. I just needed a moemnt to gather myself first. Gradually, my racing heart slowed and my heavy breathing became softer. 

Almost ready to go again, I asked if he would like me to squeeze his cock between his tits. He liked that suggestion very much. As my head lay in his lap I could feel that his cock had soften somewhat whilst waiting for me to get going again. But at my suggestion, I instantly felt it start to stiffen up again.

It would need to be a little harder to effectively rub it between my tits though. That would be easy enough to achieve. Rolling over onto my tummy, my lips wrapped around it again. My head moved up and down, each time going a little bit further down his shaft. 

As my head gently bobbed up and down, he unfastened my bra and cast it aside. (Side note - I couldn't find it when getting dressed later so I guess someone made off with it as a souvenier...)

Pushing his legs apart, wriggled myself in as close to him as possible. Looking him firmly in the eye, I allowed a long stream of saliva to escape my mouth. It ran down my chin and dripped down into my cleavage ready to lubricate my boobs.

Satisfied that my chest was sufficiently moist to rub along his cock, I leaned forward into his cock slipped in betweem my firm, round tits. Cupping each boob with one of my hands, I squeezed them together as they engulfed his raging hard on. Just the tip could be seen as it peeked out of the top of my cleavage.

Slowly I started to move my whole body up and down. The end of his cock would disappear as I raised myself up and then reappear as I slide back down again. Occasionally, when I got nice and low, the tip of his cock would just about be within reach of my tongue and  I would pause to give it a quick lick before continuing to rub my tits up and down.

More pre-cum began to ooze from him as my rubbing became more vigorous with my movements. It mingled with my salvia to keep my cleavage nice and moist. There was no doubt in my mind that it would be soon followed by the main course.

Indeed, I soon received his creamy explosion all over my face. It was a massive load that well and truly glazed me with his warm and sticky cum. Despite my mouth being wide open to ctach as much as possible, the force of the ejaculation caused most to fly over my mouth and splatter on the rest of my face or streak across my hair.

Before swallowing what cum I had managed to catch in my mouth, I diligently licked and sucked his cock clean. You should know by now that I don't let even a single drop of cum go to waste. And then I swallowed the lot. Yummy!

My grateful host expressed his thanks and qucikly departed to get cleaned up. But as he stepped aside, the random guy who had cum on my earlier was stood there again. Cock in hand, he had obviosuly been furiously beating himself off whilst watching us. I had just been too pre-occuppied to notice that he was still there.

Stepping forward towards me whilst I was still kneeling on the floor, he offered his cock towards my mouth. Without a moments hesitation I opened wide and let him shove his dick inside me. As he fucked my face, there really wasn't much for me to do apart from listen to him tell me how much he has enjoyed watching me and the Sex and Masturbation Palace's host get each other off and how it wouldn't take him long to cum.

However, appatently my mouth was not enough for him. He asked if he could experience my tight, wet cunt as well. Prior to the venue's rebranding he would have received a friendly but firm no. But now that it is the Sex and Masturbation Palace, I reasoned that there was no longer a reason to deny him and I acquiesed to his request.

No sooner had his fat dick forced its way inside me from behind but I got another cock offered up to my mouth. Again, I opened wide. Two dicks were now inside me and I was being fucked from both ends as they spit roasted me.

Neither of the guys were holding back as they lustfully had their ways with my pussy and mouth. And, sure enough, it did not take the first guy long to cum at all.

He cried out that he was about to unload his cum in me. Before he could do that, Ipushed the other guy away to free myself from their spit roast and got my chest nice and close to his cock. Moments later, erupted all over me for the second time. This time a vicious streamed off cum fired against my chest, splattering across my boobs. 

Another cock satisfied but I was still not done yet. As he stepped aside, there was yet another guy waiting for me. Beckoning the guy who I had been face fucking me a moment ago to join us on the couch,I was now sucking my fourth cock of my visit and was having a second guy eat out my sweet pussy.

Regardless of for how short it had lasted, getting pounded from behind had felt great. Blowing one guy while another buried his face in my pussy was fun and all but what I really wanted now was more of being fucked hard from behind. It was all I could think about at this point.

Climbing on top of one of my partners, I carefully slide his cokc inside my pussy. Without wasting a moment, he began thrusting his hips up and down, driving his cock hard and deep inside me. Despite this, I tried my best to stay as stable as possible as the other guy spread my buttcheeks and lined up his dick for insertion.

It hurt like hell as he forced his dick inside my tight ass without any lube and began mercilessly buttfucking me. Both of my holes were full of cock and it felt like they might rip me apart at any moment. I was loving every moment of it though. It is so long since I've been such a filthy whore and I was revelling in ever moment of it. All I could think about was how much I wanted cock.

Not only were my wet cunt and tight ass being fucked hard but the guy underneath me also wanted to pleasure me tits. He buried his face between my tits, slobbering all over them. Then he drove me wild by licking, sucking and pinching my nipples. I wondered if it could get any better than this.

They flipped me over and I soon realised the answer was that it could. My pussy and ass still full of cock, the guy stood over me took on the responsibility of playing with my boobs. Grabbing one with each hand, he squeezed and caressed them, occasionally giving them a slap or pinching my nipples. Meanwhile, I craned my head round to passinately kiss the guy under me, all while his hand slipped between my legs to rapidly rub my swollen clit.

One guy ramming his cock into my cunt while playing with my boobs and then other balls deep in my ass while rubbing my clit and locking lips with me. This is surely as good as it can get. All of my sensitive spots getting lustfully stimulated at once. What an amazing treat. 

It should come as no surprise then that I didn't take long for me to cum again. And boy did I cum hard. My juices squirted from my cunt as my two partners continued fucking me without so much as a moment's pause.

Although it does happen, squirting is by no means something I do all the time. It really does take a certain type of stimulation to make it happen. Not only had I just done it, but it might have been my biggest squirt yet.

I didn't really have long to contemplate where the volume of squirted juice  ranked in my all time squirts. Just moments later both of the guys drains their balls inside me. Shcoked and in disbelief at their synchronised cumming, I felt both of their warm, sticky loads start to trickle out of my holes.

Withdrawing that drained cocks from me, a flood of creamy cum flooded from my stretched holes and splashed on to the fllor below. 

I snuggled in between them and gripping one cock with each hand, firmly stroked them to milk every last drop out of them. And as I did that, they took it in turns to scoop what cum was still inside me from their respective hole and then offer their sticky fingers up to my mouth for me to suck clean. Yummy!

Looking up expectantly, I glanced around to see if there were any more guys who had been patiently waiting for me to service their cocks. Much to my relief, none stepped forward and, if any of the guys who were loitering around were just being too shy to ask,  I wasn't about to invite them to join in. I was most definitely spent after taking four cocks and cumshots on my face, chest and legs and in my pussy and ass. 

Enough was definitely enough. Time for me to go and get cleaned up. 

Before leaving my last two partners both tried to get my number so they could try arrange some more tag team action in the future but I had to deny them as that is not my style. I just had to leave them with the prospect of perhaps bumping into me again at the Sex and Masturbation Palace during a future visit. 

I have a feeling they will be returning as often as possible in the hope of getting to play with me again. 

If I see either again, I will be sure to remember to ask if it was one of them that made off with my bra. I know I have plenty of them lying around at home but that particular bra was brand new and that was the first time I'd worn it. Hardly feels like I got value for money from it...

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