Friday 4 February 2022

Working Naked Day

OK, OK, OK, please don't get too excited about this one! Despite what the name might suggest, Working Naked Day does not celebrate the joys of being naked. It is actually just a day to promote working from home.

Of course, the last few years has seen a massive shift towards home working but, prior to that, for many of us, it was simply something that was not even on our radar. In fact, anecdotally, some home workers would tell stories of being afraid to tell others that they worked from home for fear of not being taken seriously.

Don't worry, if you are asking yourself how a day about working from home got such a name, you are probably not alone...

The phrase 'working naked' was coined in the late 90s by a woman who found all of her colleagues getting laid off until she was the only person left working on the her floor in her office. She became so acutely aware of how alone she was, that she would say that she may as well be working naked and no one would even know!

So really, what the day celebrates the freedoms and flexibility that working from home affords those fortunate enough to be able to do it. The elimination of a daily commute, something that can be extremely stressful, is one of the benefits. As is not having to worry about sorting out a lunch to take with you. And who doesn't prefer not having to get dressed up each and every day?

With all that being said, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't choose to celebrate Working Naked Day by actually being naked while you work. I just recommend that you only do that if you are genuinely working from home. Otherwise, you may find yourself receiving a visit from local law enforcement and being escorted from the premises.

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