Wednesday, 20 April 2022

I'm on your phone... again!

If you've already grown bored of have just one screensaver of me on your phone(perish the thought!), how about another!

That's right! I'm back again in Royal BBC's second batch of mobile phone screensavers. And this time I don't have the err... honourable distinction of being the only nude model out of the bunch. 

Nope, I actually have some clothes on this time! Even if they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. But it's all good because this time Royal BBC has kicked the naughtiness up a notch or two with even more nudity than before. So I definitely don't feel out of place seeing my screensaver in amongst those of all the other gorgeous models.

Will I also be in the next batch of screensavers? I have no fucking clue so don't ask me! I'm excited to find out though. Be sure to follow Royal BBC on Twitter to see if I can make it three out of three!

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