Wednesday 20 April 2022

Sexy silhouettes in the pit

Yet more changes at the GloryHole Pit! The owners of this place just don't stand still, do they?

That said, I have mixed emotions about this one. While I think that the latest changes to the main room are spectacular and really do make it feel like more a 'pit', I feel that they may have come at the expense of some of the other rooms.

When I first visited, I was immediately grabbed by how many different flavours the place had which catered to all tastes. Unfortunately some of those side rooms have been shrunk (the bath and shower room) or have disappeared altogether (the lower level rooms and basement).

I am loving one less drastic change up on the balcony though. Putting a couple of the stripper poles within compartments which can only be seen into through some coloured glass creates a wonderful effect where you really only see the silhouette of the pole dancer as they writhe and twirl around their pole.

Honestly, I think it looks so fucking sexy. Which obviously means that I couldn't resist taking a whole butt load of pictures to show off how cool and sexy it looks.

I patiently sat in wait for various girls to come and go, getting some pics of each and every one. Or, when there were quiet moments, I would step inside one of the cubicles and have my own go. Sometimes my underwear stayed on. Other times it came off!

Of course, if you get as up close as I sometimes did with my camera, you would be able to just about see my naked or clothed body through the glass. But to those down below, they would just see a dark shape sexily moving against the background. 

Undoubtedly, some would see the subtle difference in the shape of my silhouette depending whether clothes were on or off. However, all of the details would be left completely to their imagination, which, in my mind, is very sexy indeed.

I wonder, can you tell which of these are me? I'm sure you can!

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