Monday 18 April 2022

How to get the most out of Anal Sex Day

From what I can tell, Anal Sex Day was actually created as something of a joke by an Australian comedian named Jim Jefferies, who declared that there should be one event a year that is dedicated to men but doesn't cost anyone anything. His solution was that wives and girlfriends should take it up the ass for at least this one day of the year.

Today is the day to enjoy some anal play
Of course, people took this and ran with it. Now it has become a real thing. Not just about women getting fucked in the ass by their partners though. It covers people of all genders enjoying any sort of anal play.

It could be a husband sticking his cock in his wife's ass. But, equally, it could be his wife pegging him in the ass with a strap-on. Or two guys engaging in intercourse together. Or two girls fingering each other's asses. It's all fair game!

It even extends to singles putting toys up their butts, whether they are buttplugs, dildos or whatever. Couples could do that too, of course. 

Anal Sex Day is for everyone, regardless of gender or orientation!
So what are my tips for enjoying Anal Sex Day? Well, I've got a few for you:
I. Lube

Lube, lube and more lube! Honestly, you cannot use enough of that stuff. If you are having any difficulty getting something in there, don't force it. That is the last thing you want to do. Instead, get more lube! Lube is your friend.

But do make sure you are using an appropriate lube. For instance. if, like me, you have Lovense toys to put up your butt, their body-safe silicon require that you use water-based lube. Using an oil-based lube instead can seriously damage the silicon and we do not want that.

You can easily pick up some water-based lube from Lovense at their store but my tip would be to buy it at the same time as purchasing toys as you will get a nice little discount on it.
II. Hygiene

Make sure you have done some prep work before putting anything inside. By that I mean, make sure you have cleaned yourself out to ensure your fun is as hygienic as possible. 

Hygiene is key, especially if there is any oral play
A simple douche costs next to nothing from any good online sex store but is a simple and effective way to keep things clean. If you know that some butt-loving is coming, then you really should.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use a douche, there are plenty of great guides online that will teach you what you need to do. If really is super simple though.
III. Communicate

This is one that really should always apply, but listen to your partner and respect the feedback they are giving you. As I said before, never force it. Going slow and steady is the best way to start and you can always pick things up from there.

If either you or your partner are not having a good time or are struggling to take whatever you are trying to insert, switch things up and try something different.

Under absolutely no circumstances should anyone feel any pressure. If your partner is telling you that they are uncomfortable about something, listen to them!

There's no rush so just ease it in
IV. Experiment

As an extension of that, remember that not everyone's bodies are the same. What worked well with one partner might not work as well with another partner. As above, communication is key to getting the most out of your anal adventures.

A little experimentation may also be required to hit the sweet spot. But make sure you are both on the same page before doing anything unexpected!
V. Take it easy

Don't force it! I know I have already said that, but I will say it again because it really is worth repeating.
VI. Start small

Start small and work your way up. If you are a newcomer, your butt might not be as accepting to foreign objects being pushed the wrong way up them as as an anal veteran's ass would. Don't try jumping straight in with fisting. Just try a well lubed finger first. If that is ok, then progress to something a bit larger. And always lube, lube and more lube.

Start with some light finger play to loosen things up
You may have seen pornstars getting fucked hard in the ass but, I assure you, our asses are not intended to be abused like that and it takes training to get to that stage. Please do not think that all women (or men) can be treated as such right off the bat.
VII. Be safe

If you are using toys, make sure that whatever you are shoving up your ass has some sort of obstruction on it. What do I mean by that? Basically, you want something at the end or base of the toy that will block it from being completely consuming by your anal cavity. It could be the base on a buttplug or the balls on a realistic dildo, for example. 

Just remember, if it does disappear all the way in, retrieval can be challenging! We've all heard the embarrassing tales of people turning up to ER with something lost up their butt. Don't be another one of those! Make sure that there is something that is physically too large to be swallowed by your butthole.

Flared bases on buttplugs are perfect for protecting against mishaps
With all that said, go forth and enjoy some butt stuff with your partner for this one very special day of the year. Of course, if you follow my tips, it won't work out quite as free as Jim Jefferies thinks. All that lube and a douche will certainly cost you a a little something even if not much.

Or, if today is not the day for some anal insertion, instead treat yourself to something to go up your butt in the future. That is an equally valid way to engage in Anal Sex Day the day. If you need some choices to pick, why not head over to the Lovense store for some great options?

My 1.5" Hush and 1" Hush 2 were both great purchases that I absolutely love, so those would be my recommendations to you, especially the 1" Hush 2 if you are a newcomer to butt stuff and need something to ease you in.

Anyway, enjoy!

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