Thursday 14 July 2022

National Nude Day comes early

Gosh, it's that time of the year again, already? National Nude Day seems to roll round faster and faster each year!

And I even got in the spirit a day early this year by dancing in my birthday suit at Strip N Rock last night. I'm sure no one there would have minded me kicking of National Nude Day a little early though, so don't judge me for being a little but premature with it.

On a side note, as I stripped to my bra and panties before walking out onstage, I was asked if this was going to be a "rare appearance" of me stripping off at Strip N Rock. In actual fact, it was the first time ever! Admittedly, I did flash my pussy a little bit, a few weeks ago for No Panties Day, but this was both my first time onstage and my first time stripping there.

I obviously wasn't alone in being nude though. Many of the regular hotties were doing their thing as usual. You'd be disappointed if the likes of Jess and Emmy weren't getting buck naked and they delivered on that one.

At one point, there was also a rush of guys on to the stage to get naked as well. Truth be told, I've never seen a Strip N Rock stage as crowded as it was during that period.

I even found myself closely surrounded by four tasty looking cocks, which was quite thrilling! Not to mention, a little distracting. I think I almost took a tumble off the stage at one point when I was a little too busy eyeing up sausage-fest around me.

As for today, we'll see where life takes me but I wouldn't be surprised if I get naked, wherever that may be!

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