Friday 25 November 2022

Hands on with my Exomoon

OK, let’s address the elephant in the room. While it looks like I might be about to review a fancy new lipstick, looks can very much be deceiving.

Take a closer look and you may realise that this is no ordinary lipstick. In fact it is not even a lipstick at all. Instead, it is one of the latest sex toy offerings from Lovense, the Exomoon, which they describe as a “secret lipstick bullet vibrator”. (Disclaimer - it was the newest toy when I wrote this review back in July but it took me 4 months to get some pics sorted!)

So let’s get into it and take that closer look…

Discrete and compact

Once you’ve unboxed your Exomoon (more on that in a moment), you’ll find that it does a very passable job of disguising itself as a genuine lipstick. Perfect for if any unwanted snoops decide to rummage through your bag or if you have any accidents that see the contents of your bag spill out in front of everyone.

Made from Lovense’s usual choice of body safe materials; silicon for the bullet’s tip and the charging point’s cover and ABS plastic for the lid and base. The whole thing is IPX7 waterproof and weighs a mere 40g.

The base has a single silver button on the side, which doubles as both a power button and a pattern selector (hold to power on and off or a quick press to cycle to the next pattern), and a silicon panel on the bottom that peels open to reveal the customary magnetic charging connector.

The biggest giveaway for the bottom panel is the slight cutaway on the side for you to get your fingernail into to pry it open but, otherwise, it is quite discrete. It’s also great that Lovense have continued with the recent trend of using a standardised charging connector, which means that the charging cable is fully interchangeable between all of their newer products.

Pull the top lid off the Exomoon, and at a glance anyway, it still does a surprisingly good impersonation of a real lipstick. Just as long as you don’t either try to twist the base or get too touchy with the tip.

And on the subject of the tip, I particularly like the shape that Lovense has chosen for the toy; mainly a smooth and rounded shape but with one side on a sharp diagonal.

Touching the tip

So how does that tip perform? I would say pretty well!

If we start off by thinking about the power of it, because let’s face it, that’s a pretty big deal for any vibrating sex toy, it is remarkably potent. Much like Lovense’s Ferri, the small form factor hides a surprisingly powerful motor which may surprise you with how intense it can buzz.

In addition to possessing a deceptively potent motor, the Exomoon also houses a pleasantly long-lasting battery. I will confess that I’ve not drained the battery yet as I absentmindedly keep charging it up before it gets to that stage. But Lovense says that it should last for almost 3 hours of continuous use or for 100 hours on standby, which is more than enough for something that I think will mostly be used for a sneaky little buzz here and there rather than a full blown self-pleasure session.

And if we go back to the shape of the tip, what I really love about it is the versatility of it.

The point of the tip is great for if you want a very precise and fine touch on a small spot. Then the rounded sides and flat diagonal side offer great options if you want a broader and slightly less concentrated delivery of the buzzes. Or the edge down the side where the sharp diagonal side meets the rounded portion adds yet another possible sensation

But, of course, there is no need to limit yourself to just one of these at a time. What I find so great is blending between the shapes, which is so easy to do by just slightly twisting or pivoting the angle that you are holding it a

It may even surprise you when I say that my favourite use of it wasn’t my clit, or anyway in that area. It was actually my nipples that I found the most enjoyable place to pleasure with it. Just saving the flat diagonal face onto the nipple areolar, I found that the vibrations of the toy would make it start wandering in a circular motion around my nipple, brushing against it.

Really, I think this toy is just great at stimulating any erogenous zone. Lovense themselves even mention using it on your nipples in their marketing materials. They actually take it even further than that by suggesting that guys may also enjoy using it as a glans stimulator. I’m not sure any guys are going to be particularly keen on carrying around something that pretends to be a lipstick just to occasionally buzz the tip of their cocks but I’m sure that it could have a role in that capacity during some couples action if their lover happens to pull one out.

The only thing I would say, is that I wouldn’t advocate using it for any sort of anal penetration as the lack of a flared base means there is nothing to prevent it getting lost inside, which is a very real possibility considering how small and compact it is.

Where would you use it?

As I already alluded to, I don’t think this is going to be the toy that you’ll pick if you fancy locking yourself away for an afternoon of self-pleasure. Actually, I don’t think it will really get that much home use from any of its owners. Except for the situation that I just mentioned where it is used for a bit of additional fun whilst having sex with a partner. I can say for sure that I would love to have a partner use this on my nipples whilst their hard cock fills me up.

What this little beauty is all about is being able to secretly carry it around with you so that you can enjoy a bit of spontaneous pleasure if the mood so takes you. Think of the situation where you are at work and feeling a bit frisky to the point that it becomes a distraction. Now you can sneak off to the restroom to quickly satisfy your need for some pleasure before returning to work with a clear and focused mind.

Also, it is perfect for travel. I’m not sure if there is such a thing as the mile high club for vibrators but, if there is, this is the ideal candidate. I say that mostly in jest but it is true.

What I really mean though is if you have a hotel stay and want something with you just in case, this is a great option to have available to you. I don’t know about you, but I always like to have something with me when I stay in a hotel! And having this certainly beats having to pack any of my larger toys to go with me.

Furthermore, I think that part of the convenience of being able to keep this with you at all times, is that, for me anyway, it is far less dependent on the phone app than other Lovense products.

The simplicity of this thing really is a strength and it doesn’t come any simpler than just turning it on, picking a pattern / power level and then using your movements of the toy on your body to maximise the pleasure. You absolutely can get maximum enjoyment out of this will just the toy itself and nothing more. Sure, all that good stuff that the app offers is available to you but you don’t need it.

Any other thoughts?

To be honest, I think I’ve already covered pretty much everything there is to say about the Exomoon.

Possibly the only thing that I have neglected to say so far is that, yes, this does come with a little bag just like other Lovense toys. And yes, it is exactly the same bag as you’ll get with things like the Lush. So yes, that does mean it is comically oversized for the Exomoon, just like with the Ferri. But a free bag is a free bag so I will not grumble about that at all.

And now I think I really am finished.

So, in closing, the Exomoon is a discrete but surprisingly potent bullet vibrate that you really can take anywhere with you and spontaneously use whenever the mood should take you. Perfect for travel situations.

But whatever you do, don’t just limit yourself to buzzing between your legs when you can explore your whole body with it.

If you need that little bit of spontaneity in your life or the thrill of covertly carrying a cheeky vibe in your bag, head over to the Lovense store to order one now!

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