Monday 27 February 2023

(Art)ificial Intelligence

AI is creeping into some many different aspects of modern life but, in particularly, it is exploded in the creative spaces right now. Social media is positively teeming with budding AI-artists who finally have the tools to realise their creative visions.

And it goes with out saying that our perverted little community has embraced the technology to visualise for our own lewd desires. For that reason, I felt it was appropriate to gather together some of the most prolific creators of AI art to get an insight into what it is all about. 

In the end, they all shared so much great insight into how to get it set up, what you can do with and some of their fun experiences that I've had to split it over two episodes! Up for in the main show we have Xeno and AngelQueen, followed by xoJessi stopping by for a bonus post show. Of course, both are available for you listening pleasure just down below!

And if you want to see the AI art creations that they generated for me, look no further than down below, followed by some of the great links that they mention during our discussions.

From left to right by AngelQueen, Xeno and xoJessi

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Useful Resources:
Kevin Stratvert YouTube guides
Automatic1111 GitHub

Thumbnail artwork - MaxNorman
Music - Wutif by Lauren Duski

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