Tuesday 21 February 2023

Pancakes in the woods

My long time readers will be familiar with Amanda and I alternating who hosts Pancake Day. Last year I was still living out of a hotel room but I still managed to go pretty large with my effort by reserving the whole rooftop restaurant for a fancy pancake date on the roof where we were waited on hand and foot by the very diligent restaurant staff

This year we were at the complete opposite end of the spectrum with Amanda hosting us at her cabin in the woods and handling all of the cooking duties herself between us scoffing each round of pancakes. Sometimes it is nice to keep things lowkey though, especially since Amanda was feeling very well. So yeah, a pretty quiet one this year.

Oh, and please don't ask why Amanda's chair was so much sorter than mine. I honestly have no idea but she was sat so low that it felt like I was eating with a child rather than another adult. As I say, I have no idea why that was. When someone hosted Pancake Day, it is their prerogative to set things up as they wish and they should not be questioned.

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