Monday 17 July 2023

The Great 3DXChat Quiz Off

3DXChat is an adult community themed around sex. So it would make sense that everyone within the community would know a whole lot about fucking and associated topics. But I've often wondered whether that is really the case or not.

So I decided to put that theory to the test with a little competition between the boys and girls to see which gender is the most knowledge about sex. 

It's a grudge match between Ember and Harlyn representing the girls and OliverCream and Pandion representing the boys to see who comes out on top!

3DXChat Text-To-Speech Podcast - @3dxttspod / Discord
LauraTWK - @Laura_TWK / / Linktree
Ember - @EmmyFatale
Harlyn - @3dxharlyn
OliverCream -@3dxCream
Pandion - @pandion3dx

Thumbnail artwork - MaxNorman
Music - Wutif by Lauren Duski

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