Tuesday 23 April 2024

Mega Mommy Milkers

If a muse is someone who inspires artistic creativity in others, what would be the equivalent for someone who has a similar affect but inspires horniness and a desire to create lewd content instead?

Whatever that is, s of late, it feels like Emmy has been filling that role for me. I mean, it mostly comes down to the frequency that I've been coming upon her getting pounded hard and deep. Even more so since she started hosting Bunnies & Bulls events at her Snowbunny Beach resort.

But she is not the only friend that I've recently had the pleasure of watching whilst they do the bad thing. Just a few days ago, I managed to catch, not 1, not 2, but 3 friends enjoying a bit of swinging. They were joined by one other swinger and one voyeur to make it a party of 5. Well, make that a party of 6 when I turned up...

Like Emmy, the Chouxs are no strangers to being watched by me while they enjoy swapping partners with other couples at their No Tell Motel. However, it's rare that I catch them at it outside the confines of their own establishment. And to catch them not only doing that, but also being joined by AnthonyL as well, someone who I have modelled for on a number of occasions via his Royal BB studio, was a real treat.

I was not the least bit shy about grabbing a front row seat to watch the fun. And, although I normally prefer to quietly watch the sexiness unfold in front of me, this time I couldn't resist encouraging them with a bit of dirty talk of my own. 

Particularly with the always delicious-looking Aurelie Choux, whose amazing mommy milkers were hypnotising to watch as they bounced, swung and hung as she took Anthony's cock in a variety of positions. The urge to jump in and bury my face between them to celebrate National Motorboat Day was almost to much for me to resist. Hopefully, Anthony had done the honours before I turned up. I can't imagine that he would have been able to resist if given the possibility.

Indeed, I was so engrossed in the performance they were all putting on for me that I completely forgot about the cup of coffee that I had brought with me. By the time that Anthony finished up by giving Aurelie a massive creampie and I remembered that I needed to get my caffeine fix, my coffee had gone stone cold! 

Regardless, I necked it in one just as Aurelie was necking Anthony's cock to clean every last vestige of his cum up. And, by this point, I was not alone in watching them. Her husband, Charles, had already finished up with his swinging partner and had joined me in the front row to watch Anthony and Aurelie.

Actually, if I was the front row, I don't even know what they were because they were literally within touching distance. See for yourself below!

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