Wednesday 8 May 2024

Week #1 Fap Recap

Prior to giving you my very first fap recap of this year's Masturbation Month, I wanted to try to knock out a few more easy tasks. Having had some pretty good success checking tasks off my bingo card on my last visit, there was surely no better place for that than Snowbunny Beach, which is rapidly become my go to place. Many will go there for the Bunnies & Bulls event, but me, I go for the banter, friendly faces and fapping.

And on that topic of fapping, fingering has very much been the flavour of my faps for week #1, with only one sessions so far involving any toys. That has been part tactical and part just down to my mood on any given day. So my plan was to see if I can get any more fingering tasks down at before week #1 ends and then focus more on the toy tasks for week #2.

Whilst I did manage to check off a few more tasks at Snowbunny, none of them were finger ones. I had hoped to maybe encourage a few other folk to fap with me to help me make some progress with the communal masturbation tasks but what transpired exceeded all of my expectations.

I was fortunate in that there were plenty of those friendly faces that I mentioned earlier and the banter was flying. The perfect environment to generate some horniness amongst the other visitors. And, with that in mind, I shamelessly parked myself in the middle of my girlies and began twiddling my bean.

After I spied her trying to give me some sneaky side eye to perv on my bean rubbing, Jess was first to join in. Obviously quite turned on by what I was doing. Sara quickly joined in, clearly not wanting to be left out. And then, rather surprisingly, Emmy was the last of my girls to join in, whilst also allowing Adam Black, who had presumably already pumped her full of cum before I arrived, to have a play with her.

By my reckoning, that was 4 people joining in with the fapping fun, meaning I could check of the communal fapping with 3 others task off my bingo card. 

Four soon became six when another couple of beach visitors joined in by playing each other. I suppose they were technically part of our little circle of fun but I feel like they were still close enough to be considered be within the sphere of our communal play. And I have no doubt that seeing four sexy ladies getting themselves off would have given them plenty of encouragement to get it on themselves. 

With them counted, that adds fapping with 5 other people to the completed tasks, which is super pleasing for me being I was worried that the communal tasks would be amongst the hardest. 

Obviously, fapping with 10 others is still a pretty daunting tasks. No doubt the hardest one on the entire card and one which realistically is going to require some bukake fun where I have a group of horny guys surrounding me while they jerk off. But to get the other communal ones already completed by the end of week #1 is a real bonus.

So, where does that leave us with the bingo card at the end of week #1? Well, why don't you take a look for yourself below. If my quick count is accurate, that leaves me on 15/49 tasks completed within the first week, which puts me nicely ahead of schedule, even if many of them were the easier tasks.

And, like I said earlier, I think toy play with be my main focus for week #2, so you can probably look forwarding to hearing more about that over the next 7 days. We might even get my first completed line as we can see that the centre column is only missing one tick and that's another pretty easy one. Let's see what the week holds...

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