Saturday 27 August 2016

Laura's Sexcapades

Part 1 / 2

All morning I had a craving to suck some cock so this afternoon I went on the prowl to find a lucky recipient. Afternoon wandering around a few rooms with no one giving me any attention, I eventually got some interest and went straight to work (much to my new found partner’s glee as he when he realised that he wasn’t going to need to make any small talk first)

To get things started, I warmed up his cock on the couch but he was rock hard in an in no time at all so we moved to somewhere a little more comfortable where I really went to work on him.

Anywho, I must have been on good form because before long he blew his massive load all over my face and tits (not before he managed to drench my top in cum - ugh, semen is such a persistent stain…).

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