Saturday 20 August 2016

So last night was Saya’s final night with us before departing for better things. To say farewell, she organised a great night of jazz and swing at the Sound Lounge and there was a fittingly large turnout from friends and loved ones to send her on her way.(For only the second time ever, I saw Lore outside of the Jazzy Lounge)

I took this opportunity to have one final snooze on her couch, as has become tradition. However, I then had to spend the rest of the night dancing barefoot after someone stole my shoes…

The community will certainly be worse off with Saya around. I know I have always had a lot of admiration for her and I’m sure I am not alone in that. And she will always have a special place in my heart for being the person to make an effort to talk to the weird redhead girl who turned up to all her parties but didn’t really say much and then invited her to be party of her Temple of Lust project.

Take care Saya xx

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