Wednesday 28 December 2016

Laura's Sexcapades

Part 2 / 3

I could tell he was desperate for me to stop teasing so I obliged and got busy working the whole length of his throbbing shaft with my hand and mouth. I also made sure to give his balls some attention, which he seemed to enjoy immensely.

Possibly out of a desire to show his appreciation, but probably more likely because he was worried he was going to blow his load too soon if he cock didn’t get a break, we swapped positions with him now giving my pussy some attention. Spreading my legs, he gave me one finger and then two before really going to work with his tongue.

Sopping wet, I was desperate for his cock but it was worth the wait when he finally gave it to me. At first he was slow and gently but he quickly picked up the pace and was soon giving me the hard fucking that I craved.

He then wrapped his arms around me tightly and rolled us over so I was now on top. I braced my hands on his chest and started grinding hard on his cock, slowly up intermittently to tease him before going for it once again.

All this time, his hands had been busy squeezing and massaging my butt. I figured I’d give him a better view of what he was playing with so I carefully spun round on his cock so he could get a better view. Much to his surprise, I also gave my finger a cheeky lick and then slide it into my tight butthole. He liked that a lot…

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