Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Laura's Sexcapades

Part 3 / 3

Having given him the idea, I could tell that he was very eager to play with my butt some more so I removed my finger and his thumb was straight in there with no hesitation.

Seemingly growing in confidence after I allowed him to probe my butt, he got to his knees behind me, and started to fuck as hard as he could, all the time keeping his thumb buried in my butt hole whilst reaching round to rub my clit with his spare hand.

Feeling myself close to climax, I demanded that he gave it to me as hard and fast as he could. He gleefully gave me my wish and turned me into a quivering, sodden mess on the floor.

After taking a few moments to catch my breath, I climbed to my knees and once again started sucking his cock long and deep while simultaneously teasing his balls. It did just the trick and he quickly blew a massive load all over my face and tits.

Despite being drenching in his cum, I still did my best to suck every last drop from his cock and we then went our separate ways.. two very satisfied peeps.

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