Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Laura's Sexcapades

Part 1 / 3

I was feeling unusually horny yesterday so I went in search of a man to satisfy my needs. Unfortunately Amanda did her best to cock block me when I actually found someone by trying to set me up with someone completely different (who was totally not my type!).

I was all set to just give up when we found ourselves on the yacht and all of a sudden I was getting admiring glances from all directions. It’s amazing what shedding and few clothes and dancing sexily can achieve…

 One guy in particular made strong eye contact with me so I slowly danced my way closer and closer to him until I was within touching distance. He took advantage of my proximity and gave my bikini top strings a quick tug to get me topless.

To tease him, I slid my bottoms halfway off my butt but, sure enough, he was soon tugging those off as well.

Of course he had a massive bulge in his boxer shorts by now so I returned the favour and tugged those off to reveal his rock hard cock. Unable to resist, I got to my knees, pulled him off his seat and started teasing the head of his cock by running my tongue around and across it…

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