Tuesday 17 January 2017

Laura's Sexcapades

Part 2 / 3

Funnily enough, as I started to shed my clothes, so did the guys who were sat around me, mesmerised by my seductive twirling. In fact, soon enough, several of them were soon completely naked, cocks in their hands, happily stroking away whilst enjoying the show.

Oh my god, the thought of all these guys jerking off to me got me so turned on and I was soon completely in the buff to, giving them a glimpse of everything.

I could tell that one of the guys was close to blowing his load but I was not expecting what happened next. He approached my podium and whispered in my ear that having patiently watched my naked body, he was desperate to cum all over it.

I simply said “OK” and what I received was that biggest cumload I have ever taken.

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