Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Laura's Sexcapades

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a bunch of different bukkake rooms opening. I’ve always imagined that it must be quite a turn on to have a group of guys jerking off to you so it’s been something that I’ve fantasised about trying out for a while now. Being in a frisky mood tonight, I figured I’d go along and get involved if I saw one open up.

Sure enough, one did open up and I went along. It was a bit quiet but the room owner approached me and asked me if I wanted his cum all over me. Having decided that I wanted to try it out, I didn’t want to be a wuss and go back on that decision so when he dropped his pants to unleash his raging boner, I dived in to suck him off.

I hoped this would attract the few guys who were lingering around the room and we could kick start the action and get a proper bukkake experience going, You know, maybe get an nice circle of guys jerking off and maybe give each of them a turn with my hands and mouth before they all shower me with their cum.

That was the dream at least… Turns out none of the seemed to be interested so I just ended up blowing the host until he blew a massive loads all over me. Not quiet what I had hoped for but at least I gave it a try…

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