Saturday, 5 August 2017

So AmandaHThomas and I went to the beach this evening to do our best Baywatch impressions (seems someone missed the memo about wearing red…) but we ended up having a horde of horny men chase after us in an attempt to have their wicked way with us! Ok ok, maybe not a horde, but at least a few and that doesn’t sound quite so epic, so let’s just stick with a horde, ok? And they mostly just chased Amanda but that was clearly just because they saw her as an easy target cos she doesn’t have my amazing avoidance skills…

Anyways, poor Amanda, despite getting mercilessly pursued, she had to keep taking to catch her breathe inbetween wheezes and, to make matters worse, she clobbered her head on a low rock. Don’t worry though, I applied a Mallet’s Mallet style plaster to her forehead to make it all better.

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