Saturday, 12 August 2017

So you post pics of Girl on girl, but you won't do it? Hypocrite

Look, I have tried girl on girl but it made me feel awkward and uncomfortable so it wasn’t for me. Well, there are also a few other reasons as well but, quite frankly, they are none of your business and I do not need to justify myself to some anonymous poster.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that peeps stay true to what they are comfortable with, whatever that may be. And that is what I post pictures of… people not just doing things that they are personally comfortable doing, but they are enjoying those things and that is something that should be celebrated.
Moreover, whether or not I want to get eaten out by another woman in no way, shape or form alters my appreciation of seeing others doing it. I can still find women attractive without wanting to fuck them. And I can find women fucking each other attractive without wanting to join in. The two things are absolutely apples and oranges.

So I will continue to post pictures of anything that I think is sexy, funny, interesting or worth showing off for any other reason. Why? Because I like to be all inclusive like that and I’m not going to shun something just because it apparently makes some anonymous unhappy that it is something that I don’t personally want to do. So please look forward to plenty more pics of boy on girl, girl on girl, boy on boy, futa, on boy, futa on girl and any other combination that you care to come up with.

In closing, here’s a picture of me admiring some girl on girl action especially for you. Enjoy!

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